Zelda’s Master Cycle Comes to Real World as Amazing Ridable Cardboard Art【Video】

The crazy talented cardboard artist is expanding his fleet of game/anime vehicles.

receiving the Master Cycle Zero in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not a quick and easy feat, as it is only given to a hero who has proven their worth by competing in the Champions’ Ballad Trials, a rigorous test of exploration, puzzle-solving cleverness, and combat prowess. At least that’s what it requires within the video game. Here in the real world, though, it turns out that acquiring your own master cycle is a test of your imagination, your crafting skills, and, most surprisingly, your ability to get your hands on a lot of cardboard.

Japanese Twitter user and YouTuber @Tsu_ku_ru_san nonchalantly posted a short video along with the message “It’s a cardboard bike. Even the tires are made of cardboard!” That would have been impressive enough on its own, but given that the bike in question here is the age-old techno steed breath of the wildit goes from cool to very cool and then it goes too much very cool if you find out it’s not just a work of art and this @Tsu_ku_ru_san can actually drive it.

As is sometimes the case with great artists, @Tsu_ku_ru_san makes the production process look almost easy. In a separate making-of video documenting the construction, Starting with the tires, he glues together a series of large cardboard discs to achieve the required thickness and stability.

The bike’s central body frame is also made up of multiple pieces, this time in an interlocking lattice pattern that increases structural strength without making the frame so heavy that it collapses on its own.

While there are some wooden components like the axles and some body braces, almost the entire bike is cardboard, including the wheel covers, gauges, suspension springs, and the various horse-inspired accouterments.

▼ Which, like the guy who made himself a Master Cycle out of cardboard, wouldn’t have already made a Hylian shield out of cardboard?

With no apparent engine, it looks like the cardboard Master Cycle is designed solely for coasting, but the fact that it can actually be used as a vehicle blew the minds of Twitter admirers in Japan, who left comments like:

“That’s really cool!”
“It’s amazing that it can support the weight of an adult.”
“It’s so well made that halfway through the video I forgot it was made out of cardboard.”
“Are there no limits to the possibilities of cardboard?”
“I feel like I should apologize for every box I’ve ever just thrown out.”

Of course, given @Tsu_ku_ru_san’s incredible craftsmanship, the Master Cycle isn’t his first cardboard project. In fact, it’s not even his first cardboard video game/anime vehicle as he also built his own Yu-Gi-Oh! D wheel

…and Tiger & Bunny double hunter.

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll have to build a cardboard garage, too.

Source: Twitter/@Tsu_ku_ru_sanYouTube/つくるさん。Crafty Transformer – Cardboard DIY via IT Media
Pictures: YouTube/つくるさん。Crafty Transformer – Cardboard DIY
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