You can now sell your DALL-E 2 artwork, but it feels grim

OpenAI has promised to give one million subscribers on the DALL-E 2 queue access to the amazing AI art generator, and now they can sell the images that create their prompts. With LinkedIn founder and tech entrepreneur Reid Hoffman, among others, offering her art for sale, this raises even more questions about the new form of digital art.

A product of the OpenAI research lab co-founded by Elon Musk, DALL-E 2 is the most impressive of the AI ​​art generators, and even DALL-E-2’s weirdest AI art has made quite a splash. But this technology has always raised concerns, not least because AI art generators could threaten the jobs of, you know. real human artists.

Now we are gradually seeing how the first artworks created by DALL-E 2 with contributions from users go on sale. Hoffman, for example, started a series of NFTs based on his generated images called Untranslatable Words. The last bid for a “painting”, dubbed Mångata, was sold on NFT marketplace Magic Eden for 697.97 solana or $24,000 / £19,640.

This sunset was created by DALL-E 2 (Image credit: Reid Hoffman)

Hoffman took to Twitter (opens in new tab) At the end of July and wrote: “A picture says more than a thousand words. But with DALL•E it’s the other way around: a single word says more than a thousand pictures.”

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