‘X-Mini’ X-Men Art gorgeously reinvents Hellfire Gala looks

New art from Universe Mini illustrator Márcio Hum reinvents the best X-Men Hellfire Gala looks in the smallest – and most fashionable – way!

That X-Men go mini in art that restores the incredible team Hellfire Gala Dress. The legendary team of mutants have had numerous fantastic looks over the years, but these are fabulous. High fashion and mini forms of the heroes come together in a gorgeous way.

The Hellfire Gala is the X-Men’s premiere event in Krakoa. It’s a night when the island opens up for one big party that brings together special guests, Marvel’s many heroes – mutants and non-mutants alike – and the height of fashion. Numerous cover variants have already been released for the upcoming X-Men event. However, some artists are preparing with other art movements, as in the case of Márcio Hum.


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On Twitter, artist Márcio Hum shared his rendition of the X-Men Hellfire Gala looks. One set showcases the team’s latest looks, which will debut at the upcoming gala. The other presents the outfits they wore at last year’s big event. Hum is known for his “X-Mini” style of art used as a collectible line, known as Mini Co. Collectibles These figures are commonly sold by Iron Studios, a collectors company based in Brazil. These new X-Men “X-Minis” definitely deserve to be in the spotlight and brought to life.

The first group of X-Men consists of Jean Grey, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Havok, Gambit, Rogue, Ice Man, Magik, Corsair, Wolverine, Synch and Scarlet Witch. Last year’s set includes Emma Frost, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Colossus, Magik, Kitty Pryde, Captain Britain, Rogue, Angel, Monet and Rachel Summers as they look back on their Hound days. The five returning heroes all have brand new outfits, although Jean has kept hers remarkably similar to last year. Emma Frost is never to be outdone as she had multiple outfits at the previous Hellfire Gala. It wouldn’t be surprising if she had another trio to switch between throughout the night. Despite its miniature size, this artistic rendition doesn’t disappoint in terms of detail, capturing the various elements that make each hero stand out.

Márcio Hum created the Universe Mini and X-Mini iterations of pop culture characters, including the X-Men and numerous Marvel and DC heroes. This art is beautiful and would make for an incredible line of figures for fans to collect. A massive event in the new society of the X-Men, the Hellfire Gala offers the residents of Krakoa an innovative way to show off their powers. It lets them show what makes them unique by incorporating their skills and distinctive features into their evening wear as well as their classic color schemes. That X-Men The costume story keeps getting new layers and fun flashbacks with the Hellfire Galaso it only fits for beautiful art like this to highlight the extraordinary styles in a similarly fun new way.

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Source: Marcio Hum (Hellfire Gala 2022), Marcio Hum (Hellfire Gala 2021)

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