Wolverine’s original design has been recycled for another iconic character

John Byrne is a highly respected artist in the comics industry and when he designed Wolverine’s look his art ended up being used on another character!

The iconic Marvel Comics mutant and X-Men member known as wolverine has been around since the 1970s, becoming a character fans couldn’t get enough of when he was first introduced. But before he was ever exposed on the site, Logan’s original design was recycled by legendary artist John Byrne Another iconic X-Men character, Wolverine’s longtime nemesis and X-Men villain, Sabretooth!

Brought to fans a few years ago via a Twitter account linked to John Byrne (Byrne currently has no official Twitter handle), the story behind Wolverine’s maskless face has become somewhat of a comic book legend over the decades the @JohnByrneSays joins in here. An artist who made a name for himself with writer Chris Claremont while working on it in the mid-1970s The creepy X-MenJohn Byrne is also known for his art in various other comics such as Superman, Fantastic Four, She-Hulk and more.


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Introduced in 1974, Wolverine has grown into a juggernaut hero over the years, often starring in more than a few titles at once while continuing to make waves on the big and small screens at a steady and steady pace. But before all the glitz and glamor of becoming one of the most recognizable fictional characters of all time, Wolverine was still just a mutant in a mask, with a costume design that made him appear more animal than human. And when Marvel looked to reveal what Wolvie would look like under the mask, John Byrne’s design for the long-awaited Wolverine reveal was scrapped, only to eventually be recycled in a way that became a story in itself.

John Byrne Wolverine's face

A hopeful Byrne wanted to try to design what Logan would look like without his superhero mask, mocking a sketch he felt would go well with the character. When he sent it to Claremont, who was at the time working on an X-Men book with Dave Cockrum, Byrne’s drawing was initially rejected as Cockrum had already developed his own version of Wolverine’s face, which was officially realized on the panel before long later. However, years later, when Claremont was considering creating a character called Sabretooth to make life difficult for Wolverine and the X-Men, John Byrne was able to revamp his design, and after a few tweaks, Sabretooth’s iconic look was born!

While that design ultimately went to another well-known X-Men character, knowing that John Byrne once drew what Wolverine looked like under his mask before it was repurposed for Sabretooth is a fun nerd fact for fans to learn. John Byrne is an iconic and influential comics artist who has proven himself as one of the greatest of all time, putting him on common ground with a character who is the best at what he does, the only one wolverine!

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