Wolverine has a feat that even Odin is jealous of

Beer might be considered a gift from the gods, but Odin might be disappointed to learn that Wolverine actually taught humans how to make it in the first place.

Most Marvel fans know that wolverine likes to drink beer, but you might be surprised to learn that he was actually the one who introduced beer to mankind, even before the Norse god Odin.

In a zany team adventure, Spider-Man and Wolverine try to work together to stop a robber, but instead get thrown through time. The two blame each other for the mishap, but there’s a bigger problem. In this prehistoric age, an asteroid is heading towards Earth. While Spider-Man tries to find a way to save her while protecting the timeline, Wolverine could care less about the timeline and instead leads a group of primitive people. He even teaches them how to brew beer.


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This story was told in Thor #5 by Jason Aaron and Christian Ward. Thor and Wolverine take a much-needed break and head to a bar for a drink and a chat. Thor, of course, drinks mead while Logan drinks a beer. They talk about their favorite bars on Earth and Thor mentions how Odin introduced mead to humans during the Viking Age. But Wolverine actually surpasses that claim by letting Thor know that he taught primitive cavemen to make beer when he traveled back in time.

Wolverine reveals to Odin that he invented beer.

This is a great example of how wild and crazy the life of a superhero can be. Just by being an adventurous mutant, Wolverine was transported back in time and enabled to give humanity something he absolutely loved: beer. It’s such a remarkable feat that it actually surpasses a Norse god of legend. In fact, Thor even mentions during the scene that he would love for his father to meet Odin and Wolverine because they absolutely dislike each other, and that detail will likely only add to the possible animosity between the two.

Then again, Thor could be wrong. Odin may be amused that a mortal could teach other primitive mortals how to brew beer different from his preferred mead. Given that Wolverine has had many opportunities to drink around the world and beyond during his long, crazy life, Marvel fans would love to see a drinking contest between Wolverine and Odin in Asgard. Wolverine might drink beer while Odin drinks mead. Either way, such a contest wouldn’t change anything about Marvel’s history wolverine hit Odin to the punch of bringing liquor to mankind.

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