Why I bumped into Matt James’ GF Rachael

Not all bromances stay the same. TylerCameron open about the questions about his friendships with MattJames and Rachel Kirkconnell – to admit Us weekly that he’s not been spending as much time with the season 25 bachelor couple in recent months.

“I think people think [Matt and I aren’t friends] because in each other’s everyday lives we’re just not who we used to be,” Cameron, 29, said exclusively Us while supporting Degree’s Not Done Yet Marathon team following the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday, July 24th. “I think it’s part of growing up. It’s part of being in a relationship.”

While Bachelor Nation met 30-year-old James as Cameron’s BFF when season 15 of The Bachelorette 2019 aired — and watched James become Season 25’s Bachelor as a result — Cameron recalled Us that they have been friends since 2012.

“We all have these friends that they grow up with, they start dating their persona, they get married, they do their thing and you see him when you see him,” he explained.

Speculation about Cameron and James’ friendship was fueled when the First impressions Author joked further Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in May that Kirkconnell, 25, and his best friend have a “love-hate relationship.” The trio were often spotted together when Cameron and James were still living together in New York City last year.

“I’ve definitely been through my own shit. … We just have our own ways of clashing,” Cameron said Us about his dynamic with Kirkconnell. “Sometimes I don’t like listening to people. And she’s strong and she has really good opinions on a lot of things. And sometimes I don’t want to hear it.”

That Real dirty dancing Alum clarified that the Georgia native “always means well” and is a “really good person” who is a good match for James.

“They are very happy and I think we clash just because we are both passionate people who we believe in. But we also learned from each other, which is good,” he added. “I think they’re good for each other. They keep each other happy and keep each other going, and that’s important.”

For his part, while James and Kirkconnell have been spending time in Miami, Cameron has returned to Jupiter, Florida and seen Paige Lorenz. The You Deserve Better writer traveled to San Francisco over the weekend after working with Degree’s Not Done Yet Marathon team – Sagirah Ahmed Norris, Michael Zampella and Ashley Zirkle.

“We’ve had our calls. I would tell them where I made mistakes and also where I was successful in the marathons [I ran]. To do things and not cause them. And I think it helped because all three finished! We are all finishers. It’s an amazing achievement to run a marathon,” Cameron told us. “And for what they’ve been through – Sagirah battling MS and Ashley donating a kidney and she’s used the marathon as motivation to get up and get healthy, exercise and recover. And Mike has a visual impairment and he doesn’t stop.”

He concluded: “I think this message [of] “not done yet” is important and powerful. And if they can get through what they’ve been through, we can get through a lot of things.”

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