Which Love Books Should You Read Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

It’s always “You’re so mean” and never “Okay, I just know you’re a real Capricorn right now. The sun revolves around the earth, and not you.” While people may not be as entertaining as Gilmore GirlsIt is interesting to note that astrology is gaining ground as GenZ compares personality traits to signs.

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Before they go off trend, it’s time you see which love books you should read based on your zodiac sign. Remarkably, a person has three signs: Sun, Moon and Rising. No matter what you sign, there’s always another book to read through.



Aries are competitive and always looking for ways to prove themselves as number one. But deep down, people born in this zodiac sign secretly hope that one of their friends will declare their undying love for them and lead a happy life without giving up. Her favorite tropes include “Friends To Lovers” and “Women In STEM.”

Top recommendations: People we meet on vacation through Emily Henry, love and other words through Christine Laurenand The kiss quotient through Helen Hang.


Taurus are stubborn, their Taurus represents stubbornness, not usually subservience. They also occasionally relax in the tranquil countryside. Taurus people would greatly enjoy the tropes “Historical Romance” and “Slow Burn,” with the latter celebrating the character’s stubbornness in indulging her feelings and enjoying the bliss of love.

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Top recommendations: The comfortable marriagethrough Georgette Heyer, The Duke & Ithrough Julia QuinnandFrom Lukov with love through Mariana Zapata.


Geminis are social butterflies with the uncanny ability to have an affair and then run away because they can’t commit. They regularly drown themselves in work to escape the emotions and feelings they possess. Maybe that’s a good reason why they would enjoy a good second chance romance. That, with the occasional book on a two-person love triangle, is the best time of your life.

Top recommendations: room hatethrough Penelope Ward,Before we were strangers through Renee Carlinoand To Lord with love through Lauren Layne.


The Cancer zodiac sign is an emotional, overly sensitive Cancer. Cancers have an incredible ability to exist in both emotional and material realms, but just like a crab, they are willing to do anything to protect themselves from emotional harm. They are very intuitive and would greatly enjoy the tropes “childhood friends to foes to lovers” and “lovers in denial”.

Top recommendations:A thousand boy kisses through Tilly Cole, bullyingthrough Penelope Douglasand The hunt through Elle Kennedy.


The passionate, loyal, and notoriously dramatic Leo is represented by Leo. While all zodiacs have a fair ability to pretend and show off, Leos have incredibly remarkable skills when it comes to “Fake It Till You Make It.” That’s just one of the reasons this zodiac sign would enjoy the tropes of fake dating and academic rivals.

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Top recommendations: Take a hint, Dani Brown through Talia Hibbert,The Bride Testthrough Helen Hangand My mechanical romance through Alexene Farol Follmuth.


Logical, practical and systematic in their approach to life, Virgos crave order and organization. They intend to work according to a plan their entire lives and hope that others will follow their rules too. Imagine her surprise when a “Marriage Of Convenience” or a “Bodyguard Romance” catches her off guard? A sight, isn’t it?

Top recommendations: marriage for one through Ella Maise, Terms and Conditions through Lauren Asherand Twisted Games through Ana Huang.


While it’s common knowledge that Libras are indecisive squirrels, let’s be agents of chaos by implying they’d enjoy the Enemies To Lovers romances. Love or hate, that’s a good question now. But sometimes, Libras would also appreciate a good “Unexpected Legacy” to add a dash of drama to their already chaotic life.

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Top recommendations:The UnHoneymooners through Christine Lauren, The Spanish love illusion through Elena Armasand The Inheritance Gamesthrough Jennifer Lynn Barnes.


Elusive and mysterious, Scorpios are one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs out there. They tend to stick in their heads. It often goes to their heads to be labeled powerful, passionate, and intense, and well, a recipe for disaster. However, Scorpios would definitely enjoy the romances “Single Parent” and “Gay For You,” which occasionally refer to one or both.

Top recommendations: Hating Adam Connor through Ella Maise, wait for itthrough Mariana Zapataand heart stopper through Alice Osman.


Represented by the archer, archers are always looking to gain as much knowledge as possible. They’re always looking for new adventures to roam around in, and it might be time they thought about reading some love triangle or won’t they? romances.

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Top recommendations: The summer I got pretty through Jenny Han, A day in Decemberthrough josie silverandNovember 9th through Colleen Hoover.


While they’re often labeled as social climbers, it’s an unpopular notion that all Capricorns want is to succeed in life. Capricorns climb a mountain against all currents, knowing that patience, perseverance and dedication are the only way to scale. Her favorite tropes include the ‘Holiday Romance’ and ‘Forced Proximity’ tropes.

Top recommendations:window shopping through Tessa Bailey, Hook, line and sinker through Tessa BaileyandThe roommate through Rosie Danan.


Brilliant, sophisticated and unashamedly revolutionary, Aquarius is the last of the air signs. They’re known for being cold, emotional, and unattached, but they’re anything but. As it turns out, they may be secretly hiding their undying love for a friend’s sibling or, well, a sibling’s friend. Hence, they would enjoy the tropes “Best Friend’s Brother” and “Grumpy Sunshine.”

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Top recommendations: twisted hate through Ana Huang, The Love Hypothesisthrough Ali Hazelwoodand The Wall of Winnipeg and I through Mariana Zapata.


Pisces are dreamy and spiritual, with their heads almost always in the fantasy realm of their creation. They always seek the best in people and are more than willing to overlook any mistakes their loved ones make. They are also idealists and hope that the man of their dreams will eventually land in front of them on a white horse. Their personalities determine their favorite romance novels, namely the “morally gray hero” and the “billionaire novel”.

Top recommendations: twisted lovethrough Ana Huang, twisted liesthrough Ana Huangand The fine printthrough Lauren Asher.

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