What if Season 2, SDCC First Look of Marvel Zombies announced

What happened if…? Season 2 and the Marvel Zombies animated series for Disney+ will get their first preview at San Diego Comic-Con.

Marvel fans will get their first look at Disney+ What happened if…? season 2 and Marvel zombies at San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

Marvel Studios will host a panel previewing the upcoming animated roster for Disney+ on Friday, July 22nd. Brad Winderbaum, Head of Streaming, Television and Animation at Marvel Studios, will be on the panel; Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding and some surprise guests. They’ll share insights into the latest animated Marvel releases for the streamer, including the new season of last year’s hit anthology series, What happened if…?, and the new Marvel zombies Show. In addition, the panel shows first glances X Men ’97the sequel to the memorable 90s X-Men: The Animated Seriesand more.

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Released on Disney+ last summer, What happened if…? explored alternate reality versions of major events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every part of the multiverse would be watched by the Guardian, voiced by him western worldis Jeffrey Wright. Writer AC Bailey confirmed plans for a second season release sometime in 2022, and while potential new storylines are being kept under wraps, director Bryan Andrews teased Spider-Man’s future on the show. “Well, we can’t talk too much about what might or might not happen in Season 2,” Andrews said. “But we love Spider-Man, so who knows what may happen in the future. But yeah, we’re digging all that stuff, so it’s just a matter of if we can do enough shows or enough seasons, who knows what. We’ll definitely be able – hopefully at that point – to either revisit characters or up characters to revisit a way we’re familiar with and then even twist it into something else. Do you understand what I mean? But when it comes to Season 2, we can’t comment on that.”

Marvel zombies was announced during Disney+ Day in November 2021. Based on the five-issue Marvel Comics limited series written by Robert Kirkman, the story sees several Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains turned into flesh-eating zombies by a virus from another dimension. What happened if…? Director Andrews will helm the series. The Marvel Zombies made their animated debut in What happened if…? Episode 5: “What if… Zombies?!”, in which Hank Pym was injected with a quantum virus by his wife, Jane. Her return to Earth led to a zombie apocalypse. It’s unclear if the storyline will carry over into the Marvel zombies Series.

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All episodes of Marvel What happened if…? Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+. What happened if…? The show’s second season is expected sometime in 2022. Marvel zombies has no release date on Disney+.

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