Watch Elizabeth Hurley wear a tiny blue bikini in a sexy video

By Matthew Creith | Released

Known for her work and impeccable taste in front of the camera, English actress and model Elizabeth Hurley knows a thing or two about looking incredible. Often a star on social media, Hurley tends to become a viral sensation, which is most notable about the outfits she chooses to show off to the world. Hurley recently decided to post a sexy video with a series of pictures of herself in a tiny blue bikini to highlight the perks of being a popular figure on a summer vacation.

With a caption on her post that reads, “Hate it when people make a fuss about going in at the deep end?” Elizabeth Hurley proved to her fans that she hasn’t lost her spirit of adventure. The 57-year-old appeared to be having a great day in the water as she blew kisses to the camera and her 2.4million followers on Instagram. Set against the backdrop of English singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti’s song “Back Where I Belong,” Hurley looks like the model will freeze to death if she slides into the water. Hurley looks like she’s enjoying her time in the water like she’s back where she belongs too.

Elizabeth Hurley became very popular in the 1990s after her starring role as Vanessa Kensington in the 1997s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Before that, she was often discussed in the media as Hugh Grant’s girlfriend, including many pundits who have dissected the fashion choices she made during that time. Notably, Hurley once wore a black Versace dress to the premiere Four weddings and one death Alongside Beau Hugh Grant, a dress that CNN reports was scandalous at the time. Since then, Hurley has made a name for herself in the fashion world alongside her acting accomplishments.

After her time with Mike Myers in the Austin Powers Franchise, Elizabeth Hurley took on more film roles. She made a memorable appearance in the Ron Howard film computerstarred with Matthew Perry in the critically planned serve Sarahand played the devil alongside Brendan Fraser in the 2000 remake blinded. Her film roles began to dry up, so she brought her talents to television. She had a recurring role in the original iteration of gossip girlplayed Queen Helena in it The Royaland Morgan le Fay in Marvel’s Runaway.

Since Runaway, Elizabeth Hurley’s acting career seems to have hit a roadblock of sorts. Known more for her social media presence these days than her acting skills, Hurley doesn’t seem to have much on the horizon. IMDb reflects some projects in the works with Hurley as a co-star including Welcome to Georgiawho would become a star new girl Hannah Simone and Saturday night live alum Taran Killam, but the pilot got the thumbs-down from CBS. Also on the agenda for Hurley Christmas in the Caribbean and The piper, but none of these upcoming projects appear to have a release date yet. Hopefully, Hurley’s sexy Instagram videos can continue to entertain audiences until her later film roles are revealed.

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