Was Tammy with Amy when baby #2 was born?

The 1000 Lb Sisters crowd cheered happily as Amy Halterman welcomed Baby#2! The reality star took to Instagram to share the joyful news. Likewise, fans are excited for more updates, but before that, they’re wondering if Aunt Tammy visited the hospital to meet her nephew. She may have been in the hospital when fans noticed something on Tammy’s TikTok that suggests she attended the birth of baby #2. Tune in to find out the details.

1000 pound sisters: Was Aunt Tammy present at baby Glenn’s birth?

Amy and Tammy’s relationship is bittersweet. The siblings have feuded and reconciled throughout the season. Although they may not say how much they care about each other, they secretly do. Other than that, Tammy acted indifferent to her younger sister during the show 1000 Lb Sisters. The anger runs deep in Tam Tam, and fans believe the reality star became jealous because her sister wasn’t paying her enough attention. Well, the reason Amy didn’t pay her much attention was her first child, Gage. As a result, TLC audiences noticed that Tammy might be jealous of her nephew.

Likewise, the infamous sibling didn’t attend the birth of Baby Gage. So the 1000 Lb Sisters fans wondered if the aunt would also miss the birth of the second child? Tammy didn’t seem to miss the birth of baby #2, however. That’s because she posted a TikTok video and her background resembles that of a hospital. It also had a red “EXIT” door in the background. So TLC fans think Aunt Tammy took her time to give Baby Glenn Allen Halterman a special visit. However, some others noted that the background in the video may have been a rehab Tammy is in.

Therefore, it is not known if Tammy was present at the birth of her nephew. But 1000 Lb Sisters viewers are hoping that Tammy should try to be a part of her nephew’s life. In addition, the audience will get a full preview of baby Glen’s birth. People have exclusively reported that the birth of baby #2 will be featured in Season 4 of the reality show.

1000 pound sisters: Amy Slaton shares adorable pictures of her newborn!

Amy Slaton has given birth to her second son, Glenn Allen Halterman. She welcomed the baby via cesarean section on July 5, 2022. The child weighed 5 pounds. 11 ounces, measuring 17.5 inches. Amy and Michael Halterman breathed a sigh of relief and said the wait was finally over. Plus, the delivery was a success and Amy wasn’t unwell like everyone feared. The mother was also happy that her family was complete. Mrs. Halterman will have the hoses tied as she discussed earlier.

The 1000 Lb Sisters star took to Instagram to share the good news with her fans. She posted pictures with her newborn and fans cheered the family happily. The adorable pictures melted fans’ hearts and Baby Gage seemed excited to meet his younger brother. It’s been a great wait for the family, and now that it’s wrapped, TLC viewers are hoping for a brighter future for the family. Stay up to date on TV seasons and spoilers.

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