Video game TV shows ranked by tomatometer

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Converting video games into films that fans of both media will enjoy remains a tricky endeavor. While the success of Sonic the Hedgehog franchises and Detective Pikachu suggesting that the video game movie curse has finally been broken, television has already found equal, if not greater, success. Netflix series based on League of Legends, The Witcher, Castlevaniaand Cuphead have all linked up with critics on the Tomatometer.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops on the streaming front. Netflix Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness broke the platform’s game-based hot stage with a rotten score. And during Paramount+’s gloriole did well with critics, longtime Master Chief fans gloriole Games were decidedly less impressed. All in all, the Covenant-destroying sci-fi saga has been confirmed to return for a second season, and resident Evil is given another life as a new live-action entry starring Lance Reddick.

Additionally, some of the more promising upcoming adaptations will forego the feature film route and stream episodic content straight to our smart devices. Buzz continues to build for HBO’s Pedro Pascal The last of us and the Blue Blur attempts to bring its big screen dynamics to the small screen Sonic Prime. Several other efforts from game to series, from Grave robbers and splinter group to cyberpunk and Bent metalare also in the pipeline.

The future is looking pretty bright for game franchises turned into TV series. Check out all the high scores in our guide to video game TV series ranked by Tomatometer! – Matt Cabral

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