VICTON’s Heo Chan Apologizes for Drunk Driving + Will Suspend All Activities; Group hosts concert with 5 members

VICTON’s Heo Chan will cease all activity after personally apologizing for his drunk driving.

On September 22nd, VICTON’s agency IST Entertainment officially announced that Heo Chan is currently under police investigation for driving under the influence of alcohol on the morning of September 20th.

The agency also announced that as a result, Heo Chan would halt all group and individual activities – and that VICTON would carry out its planned activities, including their upcoming fan concert, with just five members.

At the same time, Heo Chan shared a handwritten letter in which he personally apologized for the incident.

IST Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

Hi. This is IST entertainment.

We want to be the first to let the fans who care about VICTON know about a shameful incident that happened recently. First of all we would like to bow our heads and apologize for having to inform you of this unsavory news.

On the morning of September 20th, our artist Heo Chan was caught by the police returning home from a meeting with his acquaintances.

Heo Chan is currently cooperating with police investigations. It appears that once the investigation is complete, he will face disciplinary action such as having his driver’s license revoked, and plans to diligently cooperate with the police investigation until a final decision is reached.

At present, Heo Chan deeply regrets the fact that he committed wrongdoing that he should never have committed and reflects on it. Also, he currently can’t help but feel apologetic towards his fans and causing trouble for the many people he works with.

Starting today, Heo Chan plans to halt all group and individual activities.

Our agency also sincerely apologizes for causing concern to fans with this sudden news.

We will look back and carefully investigate how such misconduct came about, and we will do our utmost to ensure we never disappoint fans with a similar incident again.

As a result of the cessation of all activities by Heo Chan, VICTON will hold their “2022 VICTON FAN CONCERT [CHRONICLE]’ and their other future planned activities as a five-piece group without Heo Chan (Kang Seungsik, Im Sejun, Do Hanse, Choi Byungchan, Jung Subin).

We apologize once again to the fans for this shameful incident. Many Thanks.

Meanwhile, Heo Chan’s full apology is as follows:

Hi. This is He Chan.

First, I bow my head and sincerely apologize for having to deliver this shameful message ahead of many planned activities.

I apologize again for causing social controversy due to my unlawful conduct on September 20th.

As a public figure who should be a positive example to the public and my fans, I should have felt even more accountable for my actions, but instead I am deeply disappointed by a single moment of making the wrong choice caused.

I sincerely reflect on my wrongdoing and spend every single day in regret and self-blame.

Most importantly, I ended up looking back at myself and my shortcomings while thinking of our fans who have spent the past six years believing in and cheering for me, and of those around me [VICTON] Members, the people in our agency, our many employees, and the many other people who must have been hurt by my actions.

Compared to the pain and disappointment you all must have felt because of this incident, I will regret and feel this many times more deeply [penitence] down to my bones I will engrave in my heart all the criticism and rebuke I receive for my irreversible actions, and I will reflect deeply on myself so that I can live my life while becoming someone I am not ashamed of.

I bow my head once again and sincerely apologize for causing this controversy.

I am sorry.

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