VENUS 5, “Heavy Metal Version Of SPICE GIRLS”, Performs Live For The First Time (Video)

International metal group venus 5 made its live debut at the Zurbarán Rock Burgos Festival in Burgos, Spain. The video of the concert, filmed by fans, can be seen below.

venus 5‘s self-titled debut album was released last month Frontiers Music Srl.

venus 5referred to by some as the “heavy metal version of”. SPICE GIRLS,” consists of five singers: Italy’s Greta Di Iacovo (aka herma; from SICK AND BEAUTIFULAnother limits Recording artist), Slovenia Karen Clinicof Serbia Jelena MilovanovicSweden Tezzi Persson (from INFINITE & DIVINEAnother limits recording artists) and Albania Erina Seitlari. Each singer is an outstanding singer on her own, so combining the five together produces amazing results.

Born from a dreamed idea by Serafino Perugino, limits President and Head of A&R, venus 5 is poised to be one of the freshest and most exciting new musical prospects to emerge from the European rock and metal scene in recent years. Putting the singers and musicians together took an enormous amount of time and energy, as the right talents had to be present to work together coherently and with real chemistry. After all, having so many lead singers in a band is a daunting task, but the end result is that five outstanding singing stars from diverse musical backgrounds have been brought together with a vision to create a monster album.

Of course, many people will see five women and immediately point out that this is a “metal version” of pop projects, but please do not be mistaken, the vocal talent of the singers and the music are in the foreground. Musically, the songs are a team effort by the producer Aldo Lonobile (SECRET SPHERE, TIMO TOLKKIS AVALON, SWEET FORGET) and his team of authors, including Jake E (CYRHAex-AMARANTH), who co-produced the vocals, Stephen Hellblad (WITHIN TEMPTATIONwho also plays guitar on the album), and Per Aldeheim (DEF LEPPARD, WARMTH, STANFOUR).

carmen said: “Recording this album was one of the best experiences for me. The whole team got along so well, everyone was very professional and relaxed at the same time. With the girls we basically became like sisters and I think that’s kind of an energy that you can feel on the album as well. I think the album is a true masterpiece and everyone can find something for their taste on it. It is very powerful, emotional, energetic, cheerful and motivating. There’s something about it that really moves a possible path. After all, isn’t that what music is about?”

herma said: “In the beginning when we were talking about them venus 5 Project was one of our goals to respect and nurture each girl’s personality. That was something that definitely couldn’t be avoided once we met – you can feel our energy in the songs and in the videos and I personally think that’s the most interesting thing about the band. There are so many shades of color in this album – and not just in our hairstyles, as some of you might joke! ;)”

Tezzi said: “I was quite nervous about going to Italy to meet up with the other girls, but that feeling went away as soon as we met. Everything felt so natural and easy and they really are an amazing group of girls. We connected immediately. The songs have a “pop” metal vibe with melodies that stick in your head. I’m really happy with this album.”

Elena said: “It was an amazing experience to be a part of this cause. The five of us saw each other and the connection was instant, the respect was instant. Everyone was so talented and real, crazy! I feel like the vibe you get from this album is different and probably heavier than expected, so give it a try, you’ll be amazed!”

erina said: “To be a part of the band is absolutely amazing! From the moment we met I could feel the sparkle in each of the girls! The album sounds great. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, dude!”

“Venus 5” Song directory:

01 lioness
02 The simulation
03 Nothing but heartbreak
04 Bride with blackened eyes
05 monsters under your bed
06 Inside
07 Tom and wife Amy Lee
08 because of you
09 We are dynamite
10 save yourself
11. bury me

venus 5 Recording Lineup:


Greta Di Iacovo (aka Herma)
Karen Clinic
Jelena Milovanovic
Tezzi Persson
Erina Seitlari


Stephen Hellblad
Aldo Lonobile
Gabrielle Robotti

Bass: Then Arisi

Drums: Alfonso Mocerino

Keyboards, piano and electro arrangements: Antonio Agate

Posted by Frontiers Music srl on Tuesday 12th July 2022

Posted by Frontiers Music srl on Tuesday 12th July 2022

Posted by Frontiers Music srl on Tuesday 12th July 2022

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