Vaspaar: a next-generation Milanese design gallery

Meet Vaspaar: the Italian design gallery inspiring a new generation of collectors

Maria Cristina Didero speaks with Kaisha Davierwalla and Andrea Grecucci from Italian collectible design platform Vaspaar as they prepare to launch a new series of objects

Collecting is a curious process: you look for objects you love and like, you find them, you acquire them, and finally you find a place to keep and display them. You slowly begin a collection of enchanting mementos and stimulating conversations. In his book ways of curating, says Hans Ulrich Obrist, creating a collection is, inevitably, also a way of thinking about the world – the connections and principles that produce a collection involve assumptions, juxtapositions, insights, experimental possibilities and associations. Collecting, one could say, is a method of producing knowledge.’

This is the spirit that guides Vaspaar, an online travel destination founded by two designers and passionate collectors, Indian-born Kaisha Davierwalla and Italian Andrea Grecucci. For several years together in life and business, the couple surfs the world of design with ease and precise professionalism and a new approach to the world of collecting. “We actually met more than 12 years ago while studying in Milan,” says Davierwalla. “I was at a bar nearby and I remember not feeling too well. Like a true gentleman, Andrea came to my aid; we had never been officially introduced before. We struck up a conversation and haven’t stopped since.”

‘Genesi’ coffee table by Andrea Grecucci for Vaspaar, alongside an original ‘Superonda’ seating system by Archizoom Associati for Poltronova, 1966, and a 1940s parchment and walnut sideboard with brass legs. In the background a rare “Vogue” floor lamp by Angelo Lelli for Arredoluce

For the duo, collecting is an art that requires great care and rigorous research. “Vaspaar” translates from Old Persian as “the provider of all things,” and the platform takes a nurturing approach to encourage a new way of collecting, inspired by the past and looking to the future. “We found a way to bring together the diversity of expertise we have accumulated and decided to combine our strengths and embark on this Vaspaar journey; it was always a joint effort,” says Davierwalla.

While its founders deeply appreciate mid-century Italian and contemporary design and masters such as Gaetano Pesce, Ugo La Pietra, Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, Alessandro Mendini and Superstudio, Vaspaar also represents and embodies a contemporary approach to collecting and design. Born as a digital platform in 2016, at a time when galleries didn’t yet play a role in the metaverse and virtual space, she made the experience of collecting design accessible and fascinating to a younger audience of Millennials and Gen Z people.

Vases from the ‘Proiezione’ series by Andrea Grecucci for Vaspaar

Vaspaar intends to educate and guide new generations of collectors in purchasing valuable and thought-provoking pieces. “As a kid, I was always fascinated by the antiques my dad would bring home and show us and then we would have wonderful conversations,” says Davierwalla. “Furthermore, we Parsi Zoroastrians in India have always had a reputation for being very careful and respectful of our possessions, and we’re also quite a collector of antiques. I think I secretly wished I could take after my ancestors,” she adds.

United by a passion for historical design and collectibles, Davierwalla and Grecucci wanted to offer all kinds of services through Vaspaar, from bespoke curatorial advice to research and authentication. Recently they also decided to create a collection of limited edition contemporary objects.

Neocene Vases by Andrea Grecucci for Vaspaar

The pieces designed by Grecucci focus on increasingly forgotten craftsmanship. In collaboration with the Italian groupMatter Prime, he conceived a foamy and porous aluminum coffee table, three carved alabaster vases from Tuscany and three cold-to-the-touch stainless steel vases. The use of different materials is important: “I love to deepen and question processes and approaches. Alabaster, for example, which is both strong and fragile at the same time, was used in the past by masters such as Angelo Mangiarotti and Ugo La Pietra,” comments Grecucci.

Vaspaar’s accessible and informal design collections open up possibilities and conversations, letting visitors of the platform discover the world of the duo. They have only one suggestion for young would-be collectors: “Do your research!” §

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