Turns out there’s a dedicated Facebook page that shares memes and pics “that make you go hmmm,” and here are 50 of the best

Meme culture is one of those things that always brightens our darkest days a little. Buzzwords, ideas, or something behavioral—what counts as a “meme” varies, but everyone knows it when they see it.

It has become one of the most important sources of entertainment on the web; Most of the time, internet memes are very relatable and can spark a conversation between pretty much anyone in no time.

It turns out that a Facebook page is called up Things that make you go Hmmm which collects textless, mostly genuine images that might make you question reality and wonder if your vision is playing a naughty game with you.

Maybe the picture doesn’t make any sense at all, or the person captured in it is doing something amazing — whatever it is, chances are you’ll say “hmmm” at least a few times.

The page has almost 115,000 likes and over 340,000 followers, and today Bored panda has collected some of his best contributions.

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Bored Panda contacted the creator of the “Things That Make You Go Hmmm” page, Chris tweetand he agreed to answer a few of our questions.

“The story behind this page is actually quite interesting: I used to scale and sell meme pages on FB. There was a time when I was just living off meme earnings!” Chris began.

“I ran this site on my own and sourced content from Reddit and Facebook groups. I’m a Canadian growth marketer who owns an agency called ‘SpacebarCollective’ which also specialized in growth hacking from 2014-2018. Facebook was a channel largely written as a pay-to-win platform, but I found massive algorithmic exploits that allowed me to grow pages by 10,000 to 50,000 likes per month. The strategy was based on using predictive analytics to determine which posts would receive more than 100,000 impressions based on their first 10 minutes of engagement.”

BP also wondered what inspired the man to create the page, to which he replied: “Knowing that exploits like this only have a finite window of time in which they actually work (before Facebook notices), I did searched on Reddit for communities with content available widely and where they were underserved on Facebook; r/hmmm was a great source of content and the largest similarly-named pages on Facebook at the time only had 10,000 page likes. I knew I could surpass them within a week or two, so I started the site and started growing it. I repeated the same strategy for a few different niches, including a page for things funny and sad. Please press F

Last we asked tweet why he thinks memes play such an important role in modern society: “Memes are the biggest art movement in human history and they are here to stay. The sheer volume of artists and total artworks surpasses graffiti and the Renaissance by an absurd degree. Memes are easy to make, but have become a new medium of communication, capable of showing emotion in entirely new ways.”

Well, most will probably agree that social media is an extraordinary place. It offers a lot of content that can distract you from all the possible worries that abound in our existence.

It’s true that with the advent of the internet, our lives have become more manageable. We are now able to reach our friends and relatives without leaving our beds, find random information we need for our studies, or surf viral videos to help us get through a repetitive day . However, the Internet also has disadvantages.

Encountering internet trolls and stumbling upon harmful material is inevitable, which is why social media can be such an unfortunate place. There is no filter and people are allowed to express opinions that could harm other people’s mental health.

Let’s not forget all the fake reality that can be so easily altered and carefully curated by Instagram influencers, for example. Over the years we’ve become so out of touch with our world that we often fall short of our values ​​and worry about things that honestly don’t really matter – and define our success by the number of likes we get among our Get mirror selfies.

However, it might be a good reflection to embrace the positive aspects of social media platforms and focus on the things that bring our society together. Following sites and creators that share fun yet safe content not only protects your sanity, but also gets those endorphins flowing.

Memes play an important role in our everyday lives, especially in an internet-dependent world. As humans, we experience a lot of emotions – stress, guilt, tension, you name it – and we all want to feel like we’re not alone; So when something uncomfortable, sort of a stressor, is turned into a funny meme, people can deal with it better because they know there are others out there who feel the same way.

In short, memes are one of the best assets of our global system. They improve our mood, make us feel less alone and, most importantly, give us a chance to unwind when our days get a little too hectic.

Bored Panda hopes you have enjoyed this ensemble of fascinating images. Let us know which of them impressed you the most.

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