This stunningly animated collecting game is available for free

The end of summer is getting closer… but let’s not think about that! Instead, let’s play this dreamy game where you collect items that wash up on the beach and then use them to build musical instruments.

We’ve got the beach and more in Cool WIP, Polygon’s roundup of eye-catching clips and screenshots of work in progress. In this column, the Polygon staff scour the web for the most interesting games under construction to give you a sneak peek at the coolest upcoming projects.

This week we have a spooky game where you venture into the deepest depths, the cutest game menu you’ve ever seen, grappling hooks and a peaceful game where you can make wind.

Fill this breathtaking world with music

resonance of the ocean is a beautifully animated game about picking up items that wash up on the beach and using them to build instruments. Created by Image Labo and Heaviside Creations, the trailer of the game shows off its beautiful graphics and muted color palette. If this sounds like the kind of peaceful, relaxing game you want to play, then you’re in luck; It’s now available for free on and Steam in English.

I’m obsessed with this spooky sanctuary of souls

hauntii is described by its team as a “lo-fi twin stick shooter game” where you play as a ghost venturing through eternity. The game’s development appears to be progressing, according to developer Light Return posted a video of a character walking through an area that looks like a sprawling sanctuary. The game has this cool two-tone look, and I’m curious to see what a relaxed twin stick feels like, so I’ve definitely got that on my radar.

The cutest menu I’ve ever seen

I love looking at all the ways developers manage to squeeze characters into their games. This title is called Tipston Salvage, and it’s a co-op game where you manage a junkyard. Everything in the game is cooperative, including the menu. The developer posted a clip which showed one player moving between menus while the other selected levels moved between each submenu. It’s a delightful concept and something I hope to see more of in games as developers play with mechanics in creative ways. There is no release date yet, but for more information you can visit the game’s Steam page.

grappling hook? grappling hook

Some developers just play around with all kinds of gameplay. Here we see a character using a combination of a sandboard and a grappling hook to get around. From what we see in the video, grapple boarding looks super slick and is a fun way to get around. Developer Asarge posts all sorts of digital experiments on Twitter so you can learn more work there.

A game with a magical and dreamy feel

Alex Dixon posts many videos of her work. A lot of what they share has this calm and dreamy feel to it. Earlier clips show Dixon’s talent for Creating tranquil forest scenes, but it seems that’s not all Dixon is up to. This latest clip maintains the relaxed feel of her previous work, but features a character interacting with the environment by creating a gust of wind. You can see more of Dixon’s work on Twitter.

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