This Hi-Fi system concept elevates listening to music to a visual art form

With more and more content going digital today, most of our consumption happens on our smartphones. We listen to music streamed from the cloud and even force ourselves to enjoy videos with subtitles on screens not much bigger than our hands. While there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this lifestyle, especially for people who travel a lot, it takes away some of the elements that make these activities special in their own right. For example, sometimes you will miss the visual and tactile aspects of owning products specifically designed to make those activities enjoyable and memorable, making listening to music almost mechanical and routine. This concept design for a beautiful hi-fi system seeks to bring back some of that joy and draws inspiration from some of the best creative minds in the business.

Designer: Hans Baerholm

Bang & Olufsen is not only known for its audio know-how, which now permeates many sound systems, including those in cars and phones. The brand has been known for its design sense for decades, expertly integrating audio systems into beautiful shapes that have stood the test of time and fads. The Beogram 4000 turntable and the Beomaster 6000 4-channel receiver, for example, carry a classic design that embodies minimalist aesthetics and principles that have become en vogue today. Not surprisingly, these two served as the basis for a reimagining of this line of products, aptly named the Beogram Remaster.

The Beogram Remaster is not just a single device but a set that completes a whole audio system designed to bring back the enjoyment of listening to music not tied to a small handheld computer. The B&O-inspired “Remaster” is more than just individual pieces of hardware, however, and has a harmonious visual identity that builds on the B&O DNA but also tweaks it a bit for a more modern taste.

The platter, for example, features the same distinctive slots radiating out from the center as the original Beogram 4000. This time, however, the platter is more subdued and blends almost seamlessly with the rest of the platter’s surface. The tonearm is a simpler but larger rectangular block that belies its particular talent. It is driven by a linear motor, which allows the turntable to be mounted vertically on a wall. In fact, almost every piece in the Beogram Remaster collection could be mounted the same way, creating wall art that’s also functional at the same time.

The receiver also hides its modern character behind its classic appearance. Unlike the original, it can integrate more than just radio stations and DAB. It can also receive streams and podcasts from the internet and most likely your phone as well. It’s an all-round receiver that can do everything that’s available today, all in a design that blends past and present in equal measure.

More than a nod to past designs, the Beogram Remaster is a call to enjoy the act of listening in its purest form. One that does not include a smartphone or at least does not take the smartphone into account. The Remaster stays true to the design language that made Bang & Olufsen famous while offering the conveniences of modern life. It’s essentially a testament to the timelessness of good design, whether it’s playing traditional radio music or a Spotify playlist.

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