This Avengers art is the only way to understand the true greatness of the Celestials

The 2006 Eternals run features a full-size image of a Celestial alongside the Avenger Yellowjacket, showing how large the cosmic beings are.

Most Marvel Comics fans know this heavenly are huge, but only when you compare them to the largest member of the avenger readers get a sense of just how massive they really are. Even casual fans who only follow the movies are aware of how big the cosmic beings are if they’ve seen 2021 eternal. But the film doesn’t convey its sheer scale the way a scene from Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr.’s 2006 does eternal run.

The 2006 eternal Series tells the story of the main Eternals regaining their memories and the awakening of the dreaming celestial, Tiamut. Tiamut’s awakening threatens the well-being of mankind, and of course when it looms over San Francisco, the Avengers are there to try and save the day. However, the Eternals intervene to prevent them from doing anything rash. Tiamut’s power is so immense that even Galactus fears the Dreaming Celestial, but that doesn’t stop the Eternals from hatching a plan. Luckily for Earth, Tiamut sides with humanity against its original purpose.


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In the first edition of this eternal Story is told by Ikaris Makkari of the earth and its celestial origins, and the flashback that follows gives the reader a glimpse of the greatness of the celestials. In the foreground, prehistoric beasts flee a jungle in the middle distance, while the Celestials tower over the ancient flora, obscuring most of the sky. Fast forward to the sixth edition and readers see a double page spread of Tiamut standing erect with a tiny human form at his feet. This tiny human is actually Marvel’s tallest human character: Yellowjacket (aka Giant-Man) at his full size, and the spots to his left are the Eternals.

Heavenly Greatness 1

Avengers, how big a heavenly comic

Romita Jr. uses a great visual trick early in the series that helps convey the Celestials’ massive size, but the double-sided spread reveals the amazing truth that their size is so much larger than their first impression. The crazy thing, however, is that this image actually depicts Tiamut smaller than the average Celestial. Yellowjacket stands at approximately 18.3 meters (60 ft) tall, which scales to 1.27 cm (0.5 in) on the page. Tiamut is 34.3 cm (13.5 in) tall, which corresponds to a height of 493.8 meters (1,620 ft). Within the Marvel Universe, Celestials are typically 610 meters tall, making Tiamut a good 116 meters shorter than his cosmic companions.

Despite what the math might say, Romita Jr.’s imagery does a great job of depicting the staggering true size of the Celestials, making normal sized characters like the Eternals look like nothing more than blots on a page. The cosmic beings are HUGE and the avenger Artworks from 2006 eternal shows that they really are worth mentioning heavenly.

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