These BTS Jungkook paintings are perfect for the art museum

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A member of BTS, Jungkook has successfully won admirers with his charismatic character. He has mastered various skills including painting, boxing, gaming, singing and dancing. However, his passion for creating art is nothing new. The K-pop star’s artwork, which includes a billboard with graffiti-style writing, custom-made shoes and a t-shirt for j-hope, showcases his artistic talent.

Even Jung Kook’s simple, freehand illustrations for BTS are beautiful. Maybe he’s doing nothing one second and serving up a masterpiece the next. That’s the artistic influence the Euphoria singer possesses.

BTS member Jung Kook used his canvas to express himself in a BE transcript released on March 6, 2021. The K-pop star wore Borahae accessories including purple earrings and an apron to show his appreciation for ARMYs. Jung Kook painted different shades while Dynamite played in the background, starting with shades of purple and yellow. Finally, he painted a purple cherry blossom-like tree with a heart shape. The tree “always shines by itself,” as he says. The Still With You singer certainly went above and beyond to show that he’s sticking to the “I Purple You” motto. The still image appears to be a ray of light in the shadow.

The multi-talented actor produced this work while filming In The Soup Season 1. In Episode 6, Jung Kook and RM tried their hand at painting and left many happy memories for viewers. They diligently began to add layers to the painting, taking inspiration from nature. While RM painted in dots, Jung Kook meticulously applied strokes, mimicking Bob Ross’ familiar brush-shaking technique. The Hang is featured in a lovely painting of the Euphoria singer, done with absolute craftsmanship. It is a work of art for a museum because of its calm colors and accurate depiction of the surroundings.

Season 2 of In The Soop included Jung Kook’s pet Bam. Given how little time the father and son had together due to the artist’s busy schedule, it was a wonderful opportunity. Jung Kook produced a beautiful lifelike image of Bam to remember her wonderful and pleasant journey. But before he could finish, he decided to add color. The K-pop star continued to paint in an abstract style while showing the ARMYs a glimpse of a paint splatter. BTS’ Jung Kook deviated from his typical approach to painting, using an orange and blue background and brushing over what appeared to be rectangular brushstrokes.

This painting is known from the BTS WINGS short film Begin. Jung Kook stands up and takes a quick look at the same image as it begins to catch fire. However, most fans are unaware of the inspiration behind this masterpiece. In a live session, Jung Kook revealed that it was an image of SUGA. The attention to detail in this image is impressive, from the expressions to the rough brushstrokes of different colors. Unfortunately, a fire that broke out during the filming of Begin completely destroyed the original painting. But the golden maknae produced a similar object. His “new kid” received a ton of praise from ARMYs and would fit pretty well in an art gallery.

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