The racy comment Kim Kardashian reportedly made to her team before seeing Pete Davidson for the first time in weeks

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson are still together a lot, but lately it seems like their work commitments have prevented them from spending much time together. the previous Saturday night live comedian has started film Wizard! in Australia, and the pair are reported not to have seen each other for about four weeks. The reality star is ready to remedy that situation as she boarded her private jet en route to the country Down Under for a romantic getaway with Davidson. And given that it’s been a minute since they’ve been dating, Kardashian apparently warned her co-workers in a racy comment about what to expect when they get there.

Kim Kardashian certainly travels with a team wherever she goes, but for this trip specifically, she’s unlikely to need their services much. The Skims founder told her traveling companions that she and Pete Davidson pretty much only planned on enjoying each other’s company in private, according to a source for The sun. The insider reports:

Kim is supposed to stay with him for a few days. She has said that she intends to stay with Pete in his room at the resort he is staying at and not much else to do! She has told the team with her, “Don’t expect to see much of me in a few days!”

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