The new Stargate series introduces a brand new type of gate

By Douglas Helm | Released

Companion’s YouTube channel recently livestreamed an hour-long conversation with Stargate SG-1 Co-creator and writer Brad Wright and Richard Dean Anderson who played Jack O’Neill stargate. The live stream was a real treat for Stargate fans and featured plenty of interesting tidbits, including the fact that Brad Wright plans to introduce a new breed of Stargate when a fourth series in the franchise gets the green light.

The concept Wright came up with is a Stargate built entirely by humans. Describing how the gate would activate, Wright said it “spun like crazy and then…” quickly locking each angle in place to form a wormhole.” This would be a huge shake up for the Stargate series, since the previous Stargates were all found and left behind by a race called the Ancients. It seems like in this modern version of Stargate, humans have learned to reverse engineer transportation technology and have started designing gates for themselves. It would be interesting to see how these gates work in contrast to the other types of gates introduced in the previous series.

Of course, introducing a new kind of Stargate is a trend that the live-action series has been following for years. Each of the three live-action series introduced their own version with different designs and slightly different methods of operation. The Milky Way’s classic red and gray gates worked in an analogous manner, with locations having to be dialed via a wheel device or by connecting the chevrons to a supercomputer. The gates off Stargate Atlantis introduced a slightly more high-tech version of the Stargate, with a digital interface where the dials illuminated the angles, rather than having to turn the rings to lock the dials in place. Stargate Universe introduced a sort of steampunk version that seemed to predate even the original Milky Way Gates, as it released an enormous amount of steam after opening a wormhole.

One thing is for sure, fans probably won’t care too much what the Stargates look like as long as they get a new series sooner or later. Brad Wright has previously discussed his potential pilot for a fourth Stargate series, mentioning that fan-favorite characters like General Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) and Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder) have appeared in the series script. He also revealed that Stargate technology has become common knowledge in modern times.

While the pilot script for the fourth series sounds promising, at the moment it seems like it’s in purgatory. Wright finished the pilot script in 2020 and COVID shut down most aspects of the film and television industry. Development halted when MGM began negotiating a sale to Amazon. Hopefully, with the deal between Amazon and MGM now in place, they’ll try to revise Wright’s script and greenlight series four. While there’s no guarantee we’ll get the series, the popularity of the Stargate franchise might be enough to convince Amazon and MGM to do something in the future. Wright himself expressed his hopes on Twitter while celebrating the 25th anniversary of Stargate SG-1so fingers crossed!

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