The latest terrifying AI art generator is here

AI art generators have exploded in recent years. Known for their eerie and sometimes terrifying results, they increasingly attract the attention of artists and non-artists alike for inspiration and to create exploratory works. Now the team behind such a platform – Artbreeder – has a new experiment: Artbreeder collages. And while the results are often bizarre, it’s totally addictive.

The original Artbreeder tool allows you to ‘edit’ the genes of either your own images or those already uploaded to the site, or ‘cross’ images with each other. The new Artbreeder collages, on the other hand, are a generative tool. Currently in beta, you can create images from scratch using, yes, a collage approach – with a little help from text prompts. Read on to learn more, or if you’d rather keep working the traditional way, check out our guide to the best graphic design software.

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