The Independent Photographer has announced the world’s most touching color photos (10 images)

The Independent Photographer has just announced the winners of its color photography competition, held in June 2022. Many images from more than 30 different countries were reviewed and 10 winners and finalists were selected by our esteemed jury, Alessia Glaviano.

Alessia is Brand Visual Director of Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue. She has worked with a variety of international photographers over the years and is responsible for Photo Vogue, an innovative online platform that allows users to share their own photos under the curatorial supervision of professional photo editors. She is also responsible for the artistic direction of events and exhibitions for Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue.

In addition to her editorial and curatorial work, Alessia teaches master’s courses at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan and regularly gives lectures at other academic institutions. She was a 2015 World Press Photo judge and has participated in several portfolio review sessions, including the New York Times Portfolio Reviews.

The Color Photography Award aimed to discover and promote the best contemporary artists from all photographic fields.

On this occasion, we invited photographers who are driven by their artistic eye and passion for color to enter the competition and join us in celebrating the beauty and diversity of color photography.

We are pleased to present the images of 10 artists whose work demonstrates an incredible level of talent. Full captions, as well as feedback from competition judge Alessia Glaviano, can be found on The Independent Photographer’s website.

Congratulations to all winners and finalists!

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Mauricio Holc – 1st place. Price – $1000

“Ser Libre” – Argentina

“Portrait of Actress and Model Camila Del Campo Grandal.”

Philipp Oberhuber – 2nd place. Price – $600

“Alpe di Siusi” – Italian Dolomites

“This photo shows the beautiful highlands of the Alpe di Siusi in the Italian Dolomites. The scene was lit only by moonlight.”

Vikram Kushwah – 3rd place. Price – $400

“Women in Bathing Suits”

Carly Zavala – Finalist

“Calvin” – Brooklyn, New York, USA

“Portrait session with artist and model Calvin. The concept was to create a portrait that would emphasize his beautiful facial features in contrast to the background.”

Christian Bruni – Finalist


“Sunset over a sailboat gently gliding across the harbor water.”

Jonah Reenders – Finalist

“Hand and Fruit” – Los Angeles, USA

“My partner’s hand reaching for a decadent breakfast in Los Angeles.”

Melissa Cormican – Finalist

“Portrait of a Roseate Spoonbill” – St. Augustine, Florida

“For this portrait, I was drawn to the colors and light, and also very intrigued by the spoonbill’s thoughtful gaze. Photo taken in March 2021 in St. Augustine, Florida.”

Nicolas Castermans – Finalist

“Rainbow Mountain” – Peruvian Andes

“Local rider going to an amazing 5,000 meter mountain pass next to a rainbow mountain in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes.”

Steve Wrubel – Finalist

“Lucero” – Mesquite Rodeo, Mesquite, Texas, USA

“Bullrider Adam Lucero photographed competing at the Mesquite Rodeo.”

Tyler Goldflower – Finalist

“The kiss”

“The water offers us a dream-like version of reality, although rooted in the physical and real, the water negates the limits of gravity and allows bodies to flow freely in dream-like tension.

Sometimes, out of the corner of our eyes that are just out of focus, we see a more abstract version of reality. Buried beneath our conscious self, just beneath the surface, is the flow of the unconscious that carries our deepest inner workings and desires. These phantoms of the spirit have long been the source of spirituality and religion. Over the centuries we have tried to understand these mysteries through stories, myths and legends. From cave paintings of animistic deities to the myths of ancient Greece, we have attempted to understand these universal and fundamental inner workings that make us human.

Through play and intimacy, we come to better understand the fundamental human need for connection that drives the way we navigate the world, that gives us magic and purpose in life.”


The Independent Photographer is an international monthly photography awards and online magazine for photography enthusiasts and photographers around the world. Talented artists can win cash prizes each month by submitting their photos on a specific theme.

We are now open to submissions for our Travel Photography Awards 2022. This summer we want to see images that capture life in a place in all its glory and evoke our memories. Whatever the theme: street, portrait, landscape, documentary… We want to share your journey visually and intellectually – Let’s travel together! The deadline for entries is August 31st! All photographers are welcome!

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