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With that in mind, I would go to antique shops (and my own kitchen too, because I love good stuff borrowed from the kitchen) to look at dishes and say, “Hey, remember these? Should I dig these out of my kitchen cupboard?” or even: “Huh, I forgot those!”

If you have any dish suggestions that aren’t on the list – because I know there are many – email me at

And now let’s look at some dishes that will take us back in time – or maybe just our kitchen, because we still rock a lot of them.

We’re starting with this set, which I feel like is in everyone’s cabinet of curiosities right now.

(Haley Laurence)

I’m pretty sure both my mother and mother-in-law still have this lovely china set in their curio cabinets. I’m also sure I’ve never taken them out of the cupboards.

Yes, here is the Corelle Butterfly Gold harness I mentioned earlier.

(Haley Laurence)

Y’all, this brings me back. I’ve eaten so many bowls of cereal in these Corelle bowls.

I know you’re all waiting for this, so here is the Corningware Blue Cornflower.

(Photo by Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Yes, most of us still have – and use them religiously – our Corningware Blue Cornflower tableware. (And if you don’t have yours and are missing it, there are plenty on Etsy.) According to the Chattanooga Free-Press, the design was one of Corningwear’s first—and one of its most popular.

Was it really Christmas time without this set?

White coffee mug and salt shaker with Christmas trees on it.

(Haley Laurence)

I could never forget these Christmas tree sets. They always saw them in at least one person’s home every holiday season, and they always accidentally left one out while packing up the decorations at the end of the year.

I have to mention Pyrex’s Snowflake Garland dishes.

(Haley Laurence)

You can still see them everywhere.

Would this be a list without these?

(Haley Laurence)

We’ve all seen these.

You just knew you were going to get some good sweet tea when you saw this.

(Haley Laurence)

OK, you can argue that this isn’t a court, and that’s fair. But the best tea comes out of this pot, I swear.

OK, this comes from my own kitchen.

(Haley Laurence)

It must have come from somewhere, but I’m not sure where. All I know is this one is on constant rotation at my house.

And we’ll definitely remember some McCoy pottery.

(Haley Laurence)

This was definitely on the do not touch list growing up.

Drinking from a mason jar will always take us back in time.

(Haley Laurence)

And sometimes that time is yesterday, but we still go back.

We’ve probably all seen a green Pyrex “Crazy Daisy” pattern before.

(Haley Laurence)

There are a lot of them out there. After all, it’s one of the brand’s longest-running designs, according to

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These plates were also part of so many cupboards.

(Haley Laurence)

Not sure of the brand but I’ve never seen anyone actually eat from these plates – just show them.

Of course there is this design …

(Haley Laurence)

These aren’t as common as Corningware Blue Cornflower or my grandma’s cute teapot, but they still take me back.

And let’s end with another Pyrex.

(Haley Laurence)

Because you can never have enough Pyrex on a nostalgia list.

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