The Cambridges are apparently in hot water with the Queen right now

Marie Claire reported in the past that Prince William’s use of helicopters as a mode of transport – especially when he’s bringing his wife Kate Middleton and their three children – terrifies the Queen. With many royals, including the Queen herself, heading out on their annual summer vacation, the five Cambridges (and their pup Orla) left Kensington Palace for their own holiday on Monday, boarding a helicopter to get there. This defied the Queen’s orders, according to a royal expert – and once the Cambridges return from holiday, William and Kate are likely to be summoned to speak to Her Majesty about their decision.

Neil Sean quoted a previous report in The Daily Mail who claimed the Queen had “quite firmly spoken to William about it and urged him to refrain from flying helicopters altogether for safety reasons”. The Express reports.

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