The Bachelor’s Jacqueline Trumbull reveals why she called off the wedding

Your decision. Jacqueline Trumbull opened up about why she wanted to call off her wedding Paul Seli.

“I realized that we had unsolvable incompatibilities. I love him and want him to find happiness with someone who is a better match for him.” Bachelor Season 22 contestant, 31, told exclusively Us weekly on Thursday 4 August. “Much of our relationship has been wonderful and I will always support him on the sidelines.”

Earlier this month, Trumbull took to social media to announce that she no longer plans to walk down the aisle.

“A heartfelt thank you to all my wonderful friends and family – and even my advisor! — for coming to Portugal despite my decision not to get married and end my relationship,” she wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, August 3. “Almost all of my wedding guests came out and showered me with love and support. It was an incredibly moving week. I will never forget the kindness of my friends at such a difficult time.”

The former ABC contestant continued, “It was also nice to see all of these people that I knew individually fall in love with each other. I have the most brilliant, funny and thoughtful friends and family who turned what could have been a terrible memory into love and joy.”

Before her post, Trumbull hinted that she didn’t go through with her July wedding to Seli. “Throwback to Sintra, Portugal, where things should have been different. My life would be very different now if Sintra had gone according to plan,” she explained in an Instagram post on Monday, August 1.

After a social media user questioned what led to the decision, Trumbull declined to give further details. “I don’t feel like hurting him or airing out dirty laundry,” she wrote.

Trumbull originally applied for Aria Luyendyk Jr heart on The bachelor in 2018 before finding love for rope. After two years of dating, the West Virginia native announced that she was engaged to the Duke professor.

“Paul made the most amazing suggestion!!!! I’m in San Ramon, CA, refreezing my eggs with Caroline [Lunny] (and I thought Kendall [Long]; We’re also shooting a documentary about freezing eggs.) On Friday I thought we’d go to an art gallery to film some B-roll, which made sense because I’m doing a painting for the documentary. Then he comes around the corner and proposes,” she gushed in a lengthy Instagram post in December 2021. (I wanted to propose in Durham in January.) As you can see [in the photo]the painting is a suggestion and he made it for us to keep for the rest of our lives 🥰.”

For his part, Seil also addressed Trumbull’s decision to end their relationship, writing via Instagram, “When your ex cancels your wedding two weeks before and you don’t want to waste a good canvas symbolizing your love for her.”

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