The Bachelor’s Jacqueline Trumbull Cancels Her Wedding To Paul Seli

Paul Seli and Jacqueline Trumbull. Courtesy of Jacqueline Trumbull/Instagram

And the bride said no. Bachelor Nation Jacqueline Trumbull canceled her wedding Paul Seli.

“A heartfelt thank you to all my wonderful friends and family – and even my advisor! — for coming to Portugal even though I’ve decided not to get married and end my relationship,” she wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, August 3, “Almost all my wedding guests came out and showered me with them love and support. It was an incredibly moving week. I will never forget the kindness of my friends at such a difficult time. It was also nice to see all these people that I had known individually falling in love with each other. I have the most brilliant, funny and thoughtful friends and family who turned what could have been a terrible memory into love and joy.”

'Bachelor' alum Jacqueline Trumbull cancels her wedding to Paul Seli: 'come to her senses'

Paul Seli and Jacqueline Trumbull. Courtesy of Jacqueline Trumbull/Instagram

The former ABC contestant was scheduled to walk down the aisle in July, but she ended the relationship.

“When your ex cancels your wedding two weeks in advance and you don’t want to waste a good canvas that symbolizes your love for her,” Seli wrote via Instagram. He’s apparently referring to the painting he made when he officially popped the question in December 2021.

“Paul made the most amazing suggestion!!!! I’m in San Ramon, CA and I’m refreezing my eggs too Caroline [Lunny] (and I thought* kendall [Long]; We’re also shooting a documentary about freezing eggs.) On Friday I thought we’d go to an art gallery to film some B-roll, which made sense because I’m doing a painting for the documentary. Then he comes around the corner and proposes,” she wrote at the time. “I’m floored (he’s supposed to be in Durham and he’s SUCH A GOOD LIAR, he really made me think he was going to propose in Durham in January.) As you can see [in the photo]the painting is a suggestion and he made it for us to keep for the rest of our lives 🥰.”

Trumbull hinted at the end of the relationship on Monday, August 1st.

“Throwback to Sintra, Portugal, where things should have been different. My life would be very different now if Sintra had gone according to plan,” she wrote. “I’ve often found greater happiness in thwarting plans and knowing when I’ve gone astray.”

When asked “what has changed,” Trumbull replied in the comments section, “I’ve come to my senses.”

After another follower inquired “what happened,” she added, “I don’t feel like hurting him or airing dirty laundry.”

Trumbull appeared in Season 22 of The bachelorin competition for Aria Luyendyk Jr.‘s affection. She walked away from the racer during the season.

“I felt like there was a culture of crying. I cried very early on, about the first week,” Trumbull said on Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast in November 2021. “I can’t regret it [leaving the show early]because the risk was worth it. But I struggled with it for a long time. I didn’t feel good about leaving. I had to go – I was afraid of getting fired for staying much longer. I wish I had pushed this a little more. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye at the time.”

She added: “Ultimately, I’m going to get married from that point of view. I’m with Duke. My life has moved on, so I can’t really regret what happened. It just caused me a lot of grief at the time.”

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