The Art Angle Podcast: What is the Metaverse? And why should the art world care?

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Hwhat you always wanted Live a different kind of lif, at an other place? Wcap if this differentr place gaDo you have the power to do or to be nearly everything you searchedwherever you wantedwhenever you wanted? Assume that what you could t buildhere and who you could be there hadsomething to do with you finance. Not even tthe laws of physics would fetchd you back.

If you wanted to be the monarch of a Gothic castle perched on it a cloud suspended over one Nordic forestYou could have that. you cmight even do it in a new bodyunder a new one name, with neither one who has some apparent connection to your physicality or your past.

Even wiolder, This another place would welcome millions from others individuals with just as much freedom like youso you could Everyone to build This New world together. You could build new relationships Found New traditions, and eexperience new Wave from Arts and Culture held back by nothing but Artists imaginations.

NotDoesn’t that sound wonderful?

Sarah Ludy, swimmers canyon (2022). Courtesy of the artist.

Well, billions of dollars aAnd countless hours Of work are pumped into make this fantasy a realitya immersive Digital concerningality. And some of most influential and powerful say people in the world it is called the metaversee.

but What is the metavers, exactly? How did it bent his waj deep enough in the mainstream that your retired ask parents she about that? And what does that mean for the art world? special?

This week on Art Angle, Tim Schneider, business editor and The Gray Market contributor, is joined by three experts in understanding this potential new world order: Wagner James Au, author of The Making of Second Life: Notes from the New World (2008) and the upcoming book Why the Metaverse Matters: From Second Life to Meta and Beyond, a guide by his first embedded journalist and the ongoing blog New World Notes; Tina Rivers Ryan, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Buffalo AKG Museum in New York, who has organized exhibitions including Difference Machines: Technology and Identity in Contemporary Art; and Sara Ludy, a Placetas, New Mexico-based artist and composer whose current exhibition, Swimmer’s Canyon, is at Art Mûr in Montréal, Canada.

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