What is Ponniyin Selvan about and who were the Cholas?

Anticipation for the long-awaited film adaptation of the historical novel Ponniyin Selvan is growing, delighting fans and critics alike. On September 30th, the first of two cinematic installments of this epic story, brought to life for the big screen by renowned filmmaker Mani Ratnam, will be released in Tamil and several other languages. The book … Read more

The best, worst, and craziest art by musicians turned painters

Remember the first lockdown of 2020, that bygone era of sourdough starters, government mandated walks and the Tories briefly pretending to care for the NHS? Ah, it was a different time when the hours of the day merged into one long scroll on TikTok and — blessed with vacation funds and free time — many … Read more

Ticket sales for Toronto’s TIFF 2022 are a complete mess and people are rightly upset

The 2022 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival should be a momentous celebration, with the return of many in-person events, red carpets and screenings since 2019. But as many festival-goers found out last week, it was almost impossible to get tickets in advance. I understand that publicists and studios have their own prerogatives, but … Read more

Timothée Chalamet wins Venice. Everyone go home – it’s all over.

Timothée Chalamet stars in one of this year’s most anticipated films, shows up in style for the Venice red carpet premiere and drops pearls of wisdom about the role on social media. What can’t he do? Thank you Timothée Chalamet – and to everyone else, on behalf of all men, our sincere apologies for not … Read more

The whimsical, intellectual chemistry of Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton

George Miller’s 2015 Insta Classic Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the most propulsive films ever made. It tracks a caravan of souped-up vehicles as they race across the desert in a glorious post-apocalyptic battle. His follow-up, on the surface, is just the opposite. Three thousand years of longing focuses mainly on a long … Read more

Amazon reveals Toronto filming locations for some big scenes in The Boys

Toronto’s film industry is as booming as ever this year, with many major productions and their stars settling here in Hollywood North. One of the series known to be filmed in and around the city is Amazon Prime’s The Boys, a superhero comic adaptation starring Jensen Ackles, Karl Urban and others. As is a general … Read more

Cineplex posts first quarterly profit since pandemic as Top Gun fuels box office boom

Tom Cruise poses upon his arrival for the UK premiere of the film ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ on May 19, 2022 in London.JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images Cineplex Inc. CGX-T is in the danger zone – and that’s good news for the first time in more than two years. Supported by blockbuster box office results for the new … Read more

Art exhibitions are leaving the house for this August

From Catherine Opie’s explorations of contemporary life to a group exhibition themed around play, we round up the must-see exhibitions this month Female artists have often turned their gaze to themselves, detailing the female experience and desire—whether figurative or abstract, film, photo, or canvas. A woman’s right to pleasure was originally a Book published in … Read more

Someone in Toronto is renting out a basement that looks like something out of a horror movie

Being a renter in Toronto is particularly difficult right now, as rental prices are skyrocketing from lockdown-era lows that we should have known wouldn’t last long, in a city that’s struggling to survive was notoriously expensive as in ours. With the average apartment in the entire GTA (not even downtown Toronto) now costing $2,403 a … Read more

Review: The spasmodic pseudo-incest comedy I Love My Dad is the most uncomfortable movie of the year

Patton Oswalt and James Morosini in I Love My Father.Courtesy of Mongrel Media i love my father Written and directed by James Morosini With Patton Oswalt, James Morosini, and Claudia Sulewski classification R; 96 minutes opens in selected theaters Lots of mistakes are made in the new indie comedy from writer, director and star James … Read more