Hilma af Klint fantasized about a spiral temple for her art. A new virtual reality experience lets you step inside

“Hilma af Klint dreamed of a spiral building built to house her most important work,” Daniel Birnbaum, the former director of Moderna Museet, told Artnet News. “Your paintings should clearly lead the viewer to levels of consciousness beyond everyday life. Was it really a physical building she had in mind? Or was it perhaps a … Read more

Art Industry News: 10-Year-Old Art Star Whose Work Sells For A Quarter Million Dollars Says ‘Older People Just Don’t Get It’ + other stories

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Happy crowds of Damien Hirst fans attended the IRL conclusion of the artist’s NFT experiment. Here’s what they had to say

Excitement was in the air at London’s Newport Street Gallery on Thursday afternoon. But the crowds of visitors excitedly chatting or snapping photos of the exhibition were not the usual art crowd, and this was certainly no ordinary vernissage. It was a “community event” to preview the exhibition of “The Currency”, Damien Hirst’s first NFT … Read more

11 Oddities on the Euston Road

Unfortunately, this 2020 guerrilla intervention was quickly removed. At first glance, Euston Road appears to be one of London’s least enticing streets. It was built as London’s first bypass in the mid-18th century and has been choked with traffic ever since. It’s not pleasant and it’s not pretty. However, if you can stomach the exhaust … Read more

The Queen: Australian artist Ralph Heimans remembers Diamond Jubilee portrait

‘Remarkable’ six-word request an Australian painter had to ask the Queen before capturing Her Majesty in an iconic portrait Artist Ralph Heimans was asked to paint the Queen’s official Diamond Jubilee portrait in 2012 He said he wanted to show her a side not normally shown to the public in a rare introspective moment The … Read more

Booker Prize director accused of ‘snobbery’ after mocking Scunthorpe Book Club jobs

The Booker Prize Foundation has come under fire after its director was accused of “mocking” a dinner lady and a steelworker as a member of a book club. Gaby Wood announced the shortlist for the 2022 Booker Prize at the Serpentine Pavilion in London on Tuesday as she laughed as she referred to the professions … Read more

Nursing home residents are treated to a life drawing session from the comfort of their armchairs

Better than afternoon bingo! Nursing home residents are being invited to a life signs session from the comfort of their armchairs after asking for a “nice, handsome man” to pose for them Nursing home residents were pictured grinning as they took part in life drawing The amateur artists squinted to focus on the male nude … Read more

Kate Moss reveals her mum told her she was ‘not very photogenic’ after she was first spotted

‘I didn’t think I was model material’: Kate Moss, 48, reveals her mum thought she was ‘not very photogenic’ after she was first spotted by an agent – and says no one ever thought of her looks as child commented Kate Moss spoke about her career on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs The model … Read more

The TikTok star shares interior design mistakes that make your house look cheap

Home Decor Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cheap: Viral TikToker reveals how IKEA furniture, children’s artwork and canvas art (so how many do YOU ​​own?) TikToker Krishnan Rajaratnam revealed multiple decoration mistakes made by humans Londoner advised against crumpled velvet furniture and IKEA drawers Children’s artwork and exposed washing machines should not appear in … Read more