The best, worst, and craziest art by musicians turned painters

Remember the first lockdown of 2020, that bygone era of sourdough starters, government mandated walks and the Tories briefly pretending to care for the NHS? Ah, it was a different time when the hours of the day merged into one long scroll on TikTok and — blessed with vacation funds and free time — many … Read more

Art exhibitions are leaving the house for this August

From Catherine Opie’s explorations of contemporary life to a group exhibition themed around play, we round up the must-see exhibitions this month Female artists have often turned their gaze to themselves, detailing the female experience and desire—whether figurative or abstract, film, photo, or canvas. A woman’s right to pleasure was originally a Book published in … Read more

Róisín Pierce is the Dublin-born designer who transforms darkness into light

With previous collections inspired by Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries and the Repeal The Eighth campaign, Pierce sews stories of women’s resilience and strength into every garment she makes A beautiful sense of lightness pervades each of Róisín Pierce’s sheer dresses and flowing, frothy blouses, it’s hard to understand that Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries and the Repeal the … Read more

How Nigel Shafran ushered in an electrifying new era in fashion photography

The photographer’s impulsive images of teenagers loitering in malls and older locals in obscure London enclaves mingling with the biggest supermodels of the ’90s are chronicled in a new book ‘The fountain’ Nigel Shafran never really saw himself as a fashion photographer — or he admits it in his latest book. The fountain. Instead, he … Read more