Seyni Awa Camara’s impressive sculptures reflect the story of her artistic origins

Equal parts appearance and daily ritual, Seyni Awa Camara’s majestic humanoid clay sculptures evoke mythological deities and derive from their encounters with the Wolof folk gods of Senegal. Born circa 1945 in Bignona, Senegal, the Diola artist has created works over the past five decades and has received increasing institutional recognition across Europe and Africa … Read more

Insights into Tribeca’s community-driven gallery scene

art market Ayanna Dozier Though Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood is easy to get to, filled with artist lofts and synonymous with Robert De Niro’s famed film festival, its gallery scene has long been overshadowed by those in SoHo and Chelsea. But over the past decade, Tribeca has emerged as a premier area for emerging and established … Read more

Omar Ba’s majestic paintings deal with European colonialism in Africa

Omar Ba’s haunting mixed-media paintings situate hybrid animal-human figures in fantastical scenes. They conjure up the afterlife of European colonialism in Africa. Ba constructs most of his large-scale works on the floor, layering paint, pencil, India ink, and bic pen ink on predominantly black backgrounds. The dense layers of disparate materials bring great depth and … Read more

Issy Wood’s hypnotic paintings show the darker side of womanhood

Issy Wood’s paintings work like an erratic Tumblr moodboard from the early 2010s. Designed in a stream of consciousness style, the works appear both intimate and deeply impersonal. Communicated with a skillful painterly handwriting, Wood’s style is both a play on pop art and surrealism. With an emphasis on everyday household objects, Wood’s paintings and … Read more

Heenang heesoo Kim’s neomodernist portraits reflect the anxieties of everyday life

Heenang heesoo Kim’s morbid, modernist-inspired portraits oddly reflect what the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre described in his 1944 play as “hell as other people.” No exit. Both bold and modern, Kim’s Cubist-inspired paintings emotionally capture the tension of people struggling to stick together under the weight of ordinary life. With a BFA in advertising and … Read more

Lenz Geerk’s Moody Paintings make the everyday cinematic

Lenz Geerk’s figurative paintings are reminiscent of cinema in their reliance on atmosphere, their depictions of movement and stillness, and their ability to connect with the audience. Geerk creates mood and emotion with compositions and hues that feel inspired by memories. The artist’s muted color palettes capture indescribable, everyday moments filled with ambiguity and fear. … Read more