Seyni Awa Camara’s impressive sculptures reflect the story of her artistic origins

Equal parts appearance and daily ritual, Seyni Awa Camara’s majestic humanoid clay sculptures evoke mythological deities and derive from their encounters with the Wolof folk gods of Senegal. Born circa 1945 in Bignona, Senegal, the Diola artist has created works over the past five decades and has received increasing institutional recognition across Europe and Africa … Read more

Omar Ba’s majestic paintings deal with European colonialism in Africa

Omar Ba’s haunting mixed-media paintings situate hybrid animal-human figures in fantastical scenes. They conjure up the afterlife of European colonialism in Africa. Ba constructs most of his large-scale works on the floor, layering paint, pencil, India ink, and bic pen ink on predominantly black backgrounds. The dense layers of disparate materials bring great depth and … Read more

Issy Wood’s hypnotic paintings show the darker side of womanhood

Issy Wood’s paintings work like an erratic Tumblr moodboard from the early 2010s. Designed in a stream of consciousness style, the works appear both intimate and deeply impersonal. Communicated with a skillful painterly handwriting, Wood’s style is both a play on pop art and surrealism. With an emphasis on everyday household objects, Wood’s paintings and … Read more

Hugo McCloud transforms plastic bags into thriving paintings about invisible labor

art Osman Can Yerebakan Portrait of Hugo McCloud with his work at Rockefeller Center. Courtesy Rockefeller Center. “Don’t let darkness become a constant theme,” Hugo McCloud constantly reminded while working on his solo presentation with Sean Kelly Gallery at this year’s Armory Show and upcoming exhibition in Vielmetter Los Angeles. His latest figurative paintings, entitled … Read more

Anouk Lamm Anouk’s sensual, meditative paintings transcend biography

Anouk Lamb Anouk often wears elegant sleepwear with her Yorkshire terrier, Sirius Grace Anouk, tenderly cradled in her arms. “Since I was younger, I’ve always felt more comfortable communicating with animals,” says the 29-year-old Austrian artist. “They are pure in their intentions.” Outlines of lambs, cats and teddy bears are the main themes of Anouk’s … Read more

Annie Morris transforms grief into colourful, precarious sculptures

art Charlotte Jansen Annie Morris, installation view of the Oscar Niemeyer Pavilion at Chateau La Coste, 2022. Photo by Stéphane Aboudaram | WE ARE CONTENT(S). Courtesy of Chateau La Coste. Annie Morris, installation view at Chateau La Coste, 2022. Photo by Stéphane Aboudaram | WE ARE CONTENT(S). Courtesy of Chateau La Coste. An ice cream … Read more

Emma Talbot celebrates resilience and aging in her Whitechapel debut

art Charlotte Jansen Emma Talbot, installation view of The Age / L’Età, Max Mara Art Prize for Women: Emma Talbot” at the Whitechapel Gallery, 2022. Photo by Damian Griffiths. Courtesy of Whitechapel Gallery. “I see her as a kind of orthopedic samurai,” said artist Emma Talbot, gazing wistfully at a textile sculpture that is the … Read more