Spider-Man’s bold new costume takes the spotlight at Hellfire Gala Art

Spider-Man’s Hellfire Gala Costume takes the spotlight in stunning new Marvel Comics take on cover artwork by artist David Nakayama.

Warning! Spoilers from Marvel Comics’ X-Men’s Hellfire Gala below

In a brand new cover presentation Spider Mans Costume recently worn by the X-Men Hellfire Gala Costume, the fan-favorite hero gets the magazine treatment. On his Twitter account, artist David Nakayama shared his new Hellfire Magazine-style cover, which features Spider-Man’s costume from the event. The ensemble is very different from anything the web-slinger has worn before.

The 2022 X-Men Hellfire Gala The event has come to an end as in the celebration of mutants, many Marvel Comics heroes, villains and real-life celebrities came to Krakoa to participate in the activities. As part of the high fashion affair, several heroes and villains wore brand new costumes as part of the event. Captain America debuted his shield in a suave tailored suit, Doctor Doom wore a flamboyant, puffy coat, and Spider-Man went in a completely different direction from his usual look with a bright new outfit.


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On his Twitter Account, artist David Nakayama shared his upcoming cover for AX: Judgment Day #4 by Unknown Comics, showing the web-slinger in his costume designed by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson, featured on the X-Men Hellfire Gala. The magazine-style cover features headlines such as “Along came a…spider,” “spinning a fine tale,” and “Friendly Neighborhood…X-Man?”. while the issue welcomes the “web head” to Krakoa. Spider-Man strikes a pose in his new costume as his look features a giant neon red spider stretching from his back to his arms and legs. Spider-Man’s eyes light up while his mask appears to be closer to Spider-Man 2099 than the original web-slinger’s most iconic costume.

The Vogue-esque covers featuring the latest looks to be worn at the Hellfire Gala by Nakayama are still eye-catching variants. The talented artist has already tackled a handful of Hellfire Magazine covers, including mock-ups for Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Emma Frost. Each variant really makes the high fashion costumes pop and looks as it seems appropriate to spotlight them in X-Men’s high fashion magazine. In this case, Spider-Man is a good featured model.

While readers probably won’t be seeing the Spider-Man costume now that the X-Men are out in 2022 Hellfire Gala has come and gone, the David Nakayama magazine cover is a great way to punctuate the look. The high-fashion costume for Spider-Man is one of his boldest ensembles, so the inscription on the variant cover will remind fans of the surprising change in the hero’s appearance. The exclusive variant of Unknown Comics for AXE: Judgment Day starring Spiderman It can be pre-ordered now and will be available in September.

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Source: David Nakayama – Twitter

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