Someone in Toronto is renting out a basement that looks like something out of a horror movie

Being a renter in Toronto is particularly difficult right now, as rental prices are skyrocketing from lockdown-era lows that we should have known wouldn’t last long, in a city that’s struggling to survive was notoriously expensive as in ours.

With the average apartment in the entire GTA (not even downtown Toronto) now costing $2,403 a month, people who need to move are becoming desperate and competitive, and perhaps exploring some of the less palatable options out there – those in the face of inflation mortgage rates are high and a recession can get pretty grim.

A new listing on Kijiji for a basement bachelorette apartment shows how dark some of these units can be, and hints at a new trend of apartments without a real kitchen (no, it’s not the only one).

The dirty stairs are just the tip of the iceberg in this horror movie-like apartment. Photo from the Kijiji list.

At just $675, the device is shockingly affordable for the city, but that affordability definitely comes at a price in other ways. Minimal photos in a listing is usually a pretty bad sign, as are poor quality photos, and this ad has both.

However, we do get a photo of the entrance, some creepy, rudimentary and visibly dirty stairs leading down into the abyss.

Next is the bathroom which isn’t actually terrible but does contain a very small shower and in general could definitely use some work.

Toronto apartment

The bathroom isn’t as bad as it could be, but definitely not ideal. Photo from the Kijiji list.

And then there’s the kicker: apologizing for a “kitchen” that apparently includes a sink and a few square feet of countertop space (that is, if you’re moving the portable hotplate with an item that’s on an actual countertop, at least, I guess i) in a ramshackle corner, but not much else.

Toronto apartment

The kitchen is a bit of a shame for anyone planning to cook or even just store food. Photo from the Kijiji list.

There’s a small open L-shaped shelf for crockery and there appears to be a closet, but it can be difficult to see past the brightness of the single exposed bulb on the wall, presumably the only source of light in this little corner of the dungeon-like unit.

If you live here, don’t expect to cook something that requires an oven, multiple stovetops, or even a microwave — or anything that requires ingredients that need to be stored in a fridge or freezer because there isn’t one.

Finally there is the sleeping/living area which also looks very spooky but seems to be the only room in the apartment you could be in at all times and the only room with a window (small as it is).

With a coat of paint and some furniture, the room could become livable for the right person.

Toronto apartment

It’s not a dream bedroom, but it’s the best room in the apartment and the only one with a window. Photo from the Kijiji list.

But the kitchen in particular is quite unforgivable and might be less so if there were access to communal living spaces or if the location of this place was highly desirable.

The house is close to Weston Road and Jane Street – not exactly downtown, nor central enough to affect the quality of life in virtually any other way.

Although times are rough financially for everyone out there, including owners and landlords, this place definitely needs a lot more love before it’s declared livable.

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