SLIPKNOT’s MICHAEL PFAFF injures his ankle and vows to keep performing

SLIPKNOT‘s newest addition, the multi-instrumentalist nicknamed tortilla manHe injured his ankle. It’s unclear when the incident took place, however Michael Paff shared a Instagram Photo taken on Sunday (July 24) of his bandaged left leg, and he added the following caption: “SLIPKNOT….if you don’t hurt yourself every once in a while, you’re probably not doing it right. See you Tuesday, VERONA”.

SLIPKNOT performed in Athens, Greece on Saturday (July 23) and is scheduled next tomorrow (Tuesday, July 26) in Verona, Italy.

SLIPKNOT kicked off his summer 2022 European tour on July 20 at Romexpo in Bucharest, Romania. Support on the trek comes from JINJER and SOLDthe band before Grab Taylorson of SLIPKNOT Singer Corey Taylor.

SLIPKNOT officially confirmed priest‘s identity in March. priest previously played keyboards SLIPKNOT‘s Shawn “Clown” Crahan in the band DIRTY LITTLE RABBITS and is also a member of the Iowa-based duo THE SNACKS.

tortilla man joined SLIPKNOT in May 2019 when he first appeared in the video for the comeback single “Unholy”. There has been much speculation about his name since then, with some SLIPKNOT Fans are becoming quite obsessed with finding out the true identity of the band’s newest recruit.

In February 2020, several photos in Postojna Cave were published Facebook Account supporting the theory that priest was tortilla man.

priest‘s name was first brought in relation to tortilla man in August 2019 when SLIPKNOT guitarist Jim root gave an interview with “The Art and Span Show” in which he described the mystery man as “a world-class pianist” and “a great drummer” who is “trained in music”.

priest apparently introduced Crahan years ago through SLIPKNOTis resident DJ Sid Wilsonwhich might explain why tortilla man has such good stage chemistry with me sid and clown. Additionally, priest has a similar physique and height as tortilla manand Redditors figured that out priest‘s family members follow “#tortillaman” and other hashtags on social media related to the newest member of SLIPKNOT.

Crahan refused to reveal the identity of the band’s mysterious new ninth member in an interview with Kerrang! magazine and said it was “no one’s business”.

SLIPKNOT‘s former drummer, Chris Foehnsued the band in March 2019, claiming he was not adequately compensated for his years of touring and recording with the group. fawnmember since 1998, was officially released from the band in 2019.

In conversation with Zane Lowe on punches 1, SLIPKNOT Singer Corey Taylor said tortilla man had won the respect of bands and fans. “He’s doing great and is a great guy,” he said. “He kills it, man.”

Asked how someone becomes an official member of SLIPKNOT, Taylor said, “First you have to wear the tortilla on your face. And the audience needs to find out who you are. With tortilla man, it’s kinda cool. It also brought this whole new energy to everyone, so it’s a lot of fun to watch too.”

SLIPKNOTseventh studio album, “The End So Far”will be released on September 30th via Roadrunner records. The sequel from 2019 “We are not your kind”it will be the band’s last record road runner after first signing with the rock and metal label in 1998.

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