Siesta Key’s Kelsey Owens announces she’s been fired after 4 seasons

Kelsey Owens. Larry Marano/Shutterstock

is this the end Kelsey Owens leaves siesta button after four seasons – and the reality star claimed the decision wasn’t up to her.

“Last night I walked into the scene at a freaking strip club of all places and was informed I was going to be cut at Siesta Key without warning,” Owens, 25, wrote on Instagram on Friday, Aug. 5. “It’s mind blowing and really gross that after working on a show since I was 19 where I shared things about my personal life that I wasn’t always comfortable with, I turned my whole life around and put so much effort into coming to such a disrespectful and abrupt end. Not even a simple ‘Thank you for sharing the last 5 years of your life with us.’”

In her lengthy social media post, the former MTV personality reflected on her initial reaction to the news, adding, “I cried my eyes out, then wiped away the tears and filmed my final scene as best I could with my head held high. Despite the way things have been handled, I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made, the unique opportunities I’ve been given, and most importantly, the fans. I wish I could hug each and every one of you.”

The Missouri native noted that her time on the show had a huge impact on her life. “You have no idea how much your kind words and support have meant to me and how much they have helped me get through some of my most difficult times,” she continued. β€œI couldn’t have made it the last 5 years without you guys, so thank you for that. I really am a better person because of you. My time on the show may be over, but this is just the beginning for me. πŸ’—Time to jump into this next chapter.”

Owens who appeared on siesta button since her debut in 2017, previously announced that she was considering leaving the series. Earlier this year, Owens, Julia Porter and Madison Hausburg discussed the future of the model amid their relationship Max Stark.

“Kelsey has been dating her boyfriend Max for a while now. He moved from Kentucky to Siesta Key to be with her, which was quite a big step,” Porter, 25, said during a confessional in March. “And although Max had only just moved in with her, Kelsey has had some doubts about staying in Florida at all lately.”

At the time, Owens admitted she was considering moving to Los Angeles, even if it meant leaving siesta button. “I’ve definitely thought about it a lot, but it’s also hard because Max just moved here,” she told 27-year-old Hausburg. “I just feel like I’ve been pushed out of the group more and more lately. I don’t want it to be like that.”

Two months later, the TV personality opened up about her plans during an Instagram Q&A. “I’m staying in FL for myself, nobody else,” Owens wrote in May in response to a fan inquiry about a possible departure.

Us weekly has reached out to MTV for comment.

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