Shamshera Box Office Preview: Runtime by Ranbir Kapoor, starring Sanjay Dutt, number of screens and opening day

Ranbir Kapoor returns to the big screen after 4 years with Karan Malhotra-directed Shamshera, which stars him alongside Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor. It’s been touted to be a quintessential action entertainer set in the 19th century. The film was cleared by the CBFC and received a U/A certificate with an approved running time of 2 hours 38 minutes (158 minutes). With no competition in the market, Team Shamshera is in virtual control of every screen and gets optimal presentation.

While the booking process is still ongoing, the action film will be released to around 4000 screens with over 12000 shows across the country. The presentation is around 20 percent higher than Samrat Prithviraj. The number of shows can also increase on weekends depending on how it was received by the audience. Bookings for Shamshera opened on Saturday but picked up momentum from Monday. As of Wednesday noon, the three national chains – PVR, Inox and Cinepolis – have sold around 15,800 tickets for the opening day (total sales topped 16,500 by the time this article was published at 3.30pm). As an indication of this number, national chains’ Jug Jugg Jeeyo was around 20,000 at the same time, while Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 had already surpassed 30,000. Total Samrat Prithviraj sales stood at around 9000 on Wednesday afternoon and reached 17,500 on Thursday morning.

In terms of closing numbers, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 recorded a presale of over 1,000 tickets while Jug Jugg Jeeyo and Samrat Prithviraj closed in the 57,000 and 41,000 plus range respectively. While trailing Jug Jugg Jeeyo for the moment, Shamshera should aim for a final number in the 70,000 range by the end of Thursday as that number will put it in the running for an open in our earlier predicted 17 crore range. Shamshera is a heavy moving film and hence no one can predict opening day based on progress alone but should aim for an opening north of Rs 16 crore. That advance does hint at a Rs 13 crore launch though, but as this is a mass movie we’ll give it a benefit of the doubt when it comes to getting things rolling with some decent speeches on release day. The film needs to have a very good walk-in on release day and being a mass production film it should do so as the trailer was well received by the target audience. Prithviraj’s advances indicated a 7-8 crore opening but then there was Akshay Kumar drawing the crowd which resulted in good walk-ins. Shamshera must repeat the same feat. The prices are also lower than usual, which should help the film gain a foothold at the front lines at an ideal time.

In modern times, audience word-of-mouth also plays a role in opening day collections, as good talk often gives Friday night show collections a big push, while negative talk weighs on walk-in audiences, especially in the cities. Single screen advance sales are low, but this theatrical release has never been dependent on advances until and unless it’s a Salman Khan film, with crowds pouring out over the weekend just to see him in action to see . The mass single screens are always spot based and the hope is on them to appear in large numbers on the day of release as this is traditionally the first Bollywood thoroughly mass film of the year. Shamshera is a big movie with a big cast and as such all eyes in the industry are now on the movie to see how it begins.

Shamshera sees a wide release with optimal presentation across the country and as such the occupancy percentage in several theaters featured on Book My Show seems low, but again this is always the case for films released to 4000 screens will. Exceptions are event films, which are difficult in advance. So the hope is on the audience that comes out on Friday and drives the film. A platform will be laid through the advances and then all eyes will be on spot bookings as that audience will drive business on opening day. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more Shamshera hits at the box office.

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