Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause discusses her future on the show

Sell ​​sunset Star Chrishell Stause has spoken about her time on the popular real estate series and whether she sees a long-term future on the show.

Speak with The Hollywood ReporterStause said that while she hasn’t seen herself on the show for a long time, she’s more than happy to continue to be a part of it Sell ​​sunset as long as it’s fun.

“I don’t plan on doing this for long, but I think as long as you’re still enjoying it, that’s key. Right now I’m still really enjoying it, and I love the people that I work with,” said the reality star.


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Stause also reflected on her beginnings on the show, calling it a “baptism of fire.”

“In the beginning I was very naive. I really thought we were doing a show based on real estate.”

She continued: “I didn’t know the personal aspect and the work dynamic, [that] that’s what the show would really evolve into. It was like a baptism of fire. But having survived the other end, I’m grateful for the opportunity. So many incredible things have come my way because of that experience.”

Selling Sunset Season 5


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While new episodes have yet to officially begin filming, news has been confirmed of a renewal of Seasons 6 and 7 by Netflix, with cameras set to begin at Oppenheim Group’s Hollywood offices in the near future.

While it’s highly likely we’ll see Chrishell selling luxury homes again, there’s still question marks over whether fellow realtor Christine Quinn will show up, especially after her scandalous departure from the firm at the end of season five.

Sell ​​sunset Seasons 1-5 are now streaming on Netflix.

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