See Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween End’s First Video

By Michileen Martin 47 minutes ago

It’s hard to believe, but the gory conclusion to the Halloween revival film franchise is almost here. In less than three months Halloween ends will hit theaters, again starring Jamie Lee Curtis in the role that crowned her the Scream Queen – Laurie Strode. And now the first gripping trailer for the finale is here.

The trailer begins with someone – presumably the ultra-violent Michael Myers – sneaking into a house on the night of the eponymous holiday. His entrance is greeted by his old would-be victim, who seems all too ready for his arrival. You can check out the trailer below.

The action in the trailer focuses on the all-out conflict between Curtis’ Laurie Strode and her decades-old nemesis, with Myers once attempting to put her hand in the garbage truck. Scattered everywhere Halloween ends Trailers are Jamie Lee Curtis footage of previous films, including the 1978 strip that started it all, which was co-written and directed by John Carpenter. At the end of the trailer, we get the finale release date of Friday October 14th.

As Deadline notes, there aren’t many actors from the series reprising their roles other than Jamie Lee Curtis, largely because Michael Myers didn’t leave many of them alive as of late last year Halloween kills. James Jude Courtney returns as Myers, Andi Matichak reprises his role as Laurie Strode’s daughter, Allyson, and Will Patton reprises his role as Officer Hawkins. Also back is Kyle Richards, who had a small role in last year’s film and was actually with the franchise from the very beginning. In the 1978s HalloweenRichards played Lindsey – one of the children Laurie Strode was babysitting. Variety reported in December that Richards would return Halloween ends in an expanded role. Brand new to the series is Rohan Campbell as Allyson’s new boyfriend, Corey.

If critics had their way, the series would have ended sooner Halloween ends saw the light of day. During 2018 Halloween was both a critical and commercial hit, reviewers tore Halloween kills torn to pieces, including Giant Freakin Robot’s Drew Dietsch, which gave him an awful Rotten Tomatoes score of 39%. But as recorded by Box Office Mojo, the sequel grossed $131.6 million on a $20 million production budget. Those numbers aren’t nearly as impressive as those of its predecessor – which grossed $255.6 million on a $10 million production budget – but its predecessor didn’t face a global pandemic. With fans far more willing to risk going to the theater than they were last October, Halloween ends is probably in for some good returns.

Along with its critical flaws, Halloween kills also had to deal with a fierce controversy. In one scene in the film, Michael Myers brutally butchers a group of firefighters, which some fans felt was too much. An online petition was unsuccessful calling for the scene to be removed from the film. If the overall brutality of the revival films directed by David Gordon Green is anything to judge so far, Halloween ends will no longer pay attention to the sensibilities of viewers.

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