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RIYADH — The Saudi Space Commission on Saturday opened registration for the second Go to Space virtual training camp. Registration will remain open until August 6th.

The Commission organizes the camp in cooperation with Teaching Science and Technology, Inc. The program aims to increase students’ expertise in space-related scientific topics by increasing awareness, knowledge and curiosity.

“Go to Space” is aimed at students in the third grade of middle school and secondary school.

Advances in the natural sciences and related disciplines of medical research, technology, and engineering have benefited mankind in many ways.

Faisal Al-Ahmari memberSaudi Council of Engineers

Admission to the camp requires that the applicant is a Saudi citizen currently enrolled in third junior high or secondary school where he/she is dedicated to the science course for both second and third high school and has proficiency in languages ​​and English write and also pass the entrance exam of the camp.

Faisal Al-Ahmari

The camp runs August 14-18 and features two parallel tracks: The first, “Space Exploration: An Introduction to Space Science,” is designed for third-intermediate and first-secondary students.

The second track “Space Recognition: An Introduction to Astronautics and Space Systems” is aimed at students in the second and third grades of the scientific specialization “Scientific”.

The registration link is

“The purpose of this move is to increase the scientific knowledge and importance of specializing in space science and technology. It also identifies and underscores its importance in inspiring and encouraging future generations,” the commission said.

The aim of the camp is to increase students’ understanding and enthusiasm for space science and technology and to inspire them for a career in the space industry.

Through training sessions led by space scientists, the program offers hands-on learning experiences.

The Saudi Space Commission launched the first edition of the “Go to Space” summer training camp in July 2021 with the aim of qualifying secondary school students in space science and technology in 14 days. The camp included courses and applied projects to prepare astronauts and engineers for the future and attract talent to participate in various space applications through dedicated training programs.

Science studies the animate and inanimate parts of the natural world through experience, observation and inference, according to Faisal Al-Ahmari, a member of the Saudi Council of Engineers. The main goals of this major field of research are to advance scientific knowledge and develop a better understanding of how the universe works.

“Through space exploration, we can confirm or refute scientific theories developed on Earth,” Al-Ahmari told Arab News. “For example, our understanding of the solar system has helped us to better understand phenomena such as gravity, the magnetosphere, the atmosphere, fluid dynamics and the geological evolution of the planets.”

“Science helps to understand, interpret, and establish laws and theories in many subjects such as space science and astronomy, and without it it is difficult to innovate tools, equipment, and systems that contribute to development and advancement in many fields,” he said.

“Advances in the natural sciences and related disciplines of medical research, technology and engineering have benefited mankind in many ways,” he said. “Science is the cornerstone of the knowledge needed to fuel the technological advances that will continue to sustain the global economy.”

Al-Ahmari said that a training camp like Go to Space allowed participants to develop solid and soft skills such as critical and innovative thinking, team building and constructive collaboration, as well as programming and public speaking skills.

He said attendees would be made aware of the importance of space science and its relationship to other natural sciences and how these could be used to serve people and society.

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