Samsung SmartThings’ forthcoming Philips Hue integration is about music, not TV

Samsung is planning deeper integration with Philips Hue lighting in its SmartThings smart home platform. The company announces this The edge that it’s working on improved music-based experiences that leverage Hue’s smart lighting. This is according to a report by SamMobile which claimed a new update to the SmartThings app would allow users to sync their Hue lights to what’s playing on their TV.

“In the coming months, we hope to announce more details of an expanded partnership between Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue that will deliver enhanced music experiences,” said Samantha Fein, vice president of marketing and business development at SmartThings, in a written statement shared with us was made available The edge. “However, some recent articles appear to have been rashly written with inaccurate information.”

Though native Philips Hue sync support won’t be available on a Samsung TV near you anytime soon (you’ll have to stick to the $250 Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box if you’re going to pair your smart lights with your Marvel want to sync movies ), Samsung is cook something new with Philips Hue.

Neither Signify (which owns Philips Hue) nor Samsung would confirm details. This was announced by Signify spokeswoman Kelly Hrank The edge“We are extremely excited to partner with Samsung SmartThings and look forward to sharing more details in the coming months, but we can neither confirm nor deny any future roadmap plans.” However, Samsung’s statement mentions “enhanced music experiences ” mentioned.

Philips Hue’s color-changing LED lights can currently be synced to music to create a disco effect in your home using various third-party services, including Spotify and apps like Hue Disco. There’s also Philips Hue’s own Hue Sync app, which requires a computer, and this $250 sync box can manage the experience for music too. But a music sync integration with the SmartThings app could simplify the process for SmartThings users — not to mention cheaper. In addition, all existing integrations require a Hue Bridge. If the SmartThings partnership worked without them—possibly with the SmartThings hub instead—that would be a significant change, albeit an unlikely one.

The SmartThings app was last given a major overhaul in June 2021. Any possible updates will most likely be related to the launch of Matter.
Image: Samsung SmartThings

SamMobile has predicted a major SmartThings app update that will come after Samsung released its new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphones in August. If I were to place bets, I’d say that any potential major update will arrive around the time that Matter gets here – currently slated for this fall. Additionally, it’s more likely to be tied to promised upgrades to Samsung smart TVs and Family Hub smart fridges than its phones. Samsung has announced that these devices will become SmartThings hubs and Matter controllers.

Matter is a new smart home standard that Samsung SmartThings helped develop with Apple, Google, Amazon and others. It was developed to make smart home devices work together more efficiently, reliably and across platforms. It’s a structural shift for the smart home and will likely require major updates across all smart home platforms. Apple already announced a retooling of its HomeKit app ahead of Matter’s arrival, and Google has also detailed its plans for improvements to its platform. All of this means that a major SmartThings update, which last happened in 2021, is entirely possible.

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