Sadie Sink stuns as Jean Gray in a stunning picture

Fans are excited at the prospect of Jean Gray’s arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this picture of Sadie Sink has made them even more excited.

The X-Men come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When? Well, we don’t quite know that yet, but we do know that the iconic superheroes will soon make their way to the MCU now that the rights to the characters are finally in Marvel’s hands.

When it comes time for the X-Men to make their debut in the MCU, it seems likely that Marvel will reach out to some of the group’s most iconic members.

Of course, it’s easy to jump straight to someone like Wolverine, who has long been one of the most popular X-Men characters and one of the most popular characters from the 20th Century Fox film series. We get it, and we definitely can’t imagine the X-Men in the MCU without Wolverine on the team.

But we also want Marvel to honor the origins of the iconic grouping by showing love to the characters who were part of the original team, including one who was a fixture in 20th-century movies: Jean Grey. She’s a character who has rich roots in the X-Men comics and has been played on the big screen by some truly amazing actresses over the years.

So it seems only natural that Marvel would continue the tradition by casting another talented and popular actress to bring the character to life within the MCU – an actress no stranger to global franchises!

This is what Sadie Sink could look like as Jean Gray in the MCU

One of the fan favorites to play the role of Jean Gray in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is stranger things Star Sadie Sink, whose star power keeps growing. Hot off a breakout performance in the fourth season of stranger things, Fans are excited to see what projects could come down Sink’s path stranger things enters its final season.

Should Marvel come along, digital artist cap.ironwidow has given the studio a compelling argument as to why Sink would be perfect for the role of Jean Grey!

In a stunning new piece of concept art, Sink morphs into Jean Gray in an image that makes a bold statement and shows just how incredible Sink could look in the role if given the chance.

Not only does Sink fit perfectly with the character’s iconic looks from the comics, but we also know that she would give a masterful performance as a troubled character.

Will Sadie Sink play Jean Gray in the MCU?

So far, Marvel hasn’t announced any X-Men castings for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it’s unclear who might be playing the various X-Men characters when they finally enter the MCU. As such, it’s unclear if Sadie Sink will play Jean Gray or not. What’s clear is that Marvel has its eyes on bringing that to you stranger things star in the fold.

Sink is rumored to be joining the MCU in the upcoming stages, according to Giant Freakin Robot. Though the timeline and the identity of what character she may play weren’t confirmed in the report, it sounds like she could enter the mix as a member of the Thunderbolts. Not as a member of the X-Men.

So who could play Sink in the MCU? At this point, speculation is growing as to whether Sink will play Songbird, a villain-turned-hero with supersonic sound abilities.

Would you like to see Sadie Sink join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Jean Grey? If not as Jean Grey, who would you like to see play Sink? Let us know in the comments!

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