Ryan Gosling wants to play Canada’s Captain America

By Dan Lawrence | 1 hour ago

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicks into high gear with Phase 4 of its connected storytelling across movies and TV series, it seems like there are very few A-list actors left for Marvel Studios to cast. That being said, Ryan Gosling is one of the few Hollywood superstars confirmed for the MCU. However, Indiewire reports that Ryan Gosling wants to play Captain Canada should he be cast in the MCU.

Indiewire grabbed Ryan Gosling’s scoops from the actor’s interview with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz. The interview (which you can watch below) is part of Ryan Gosling’s press duties for his new Netflix action film. the gray man, directed by the Russo Brothers. The Russo’s are obviously not only known for pioneering sitcoms, they also direct shows like arrested development and community but for her work directing films in the MCU Captain America: Winter Soldier, to Avengers: Endgame. In The Gray Man, Gosling takes on a villainous Chris Evans, the MCU’s Captain America, before Anthony Mackie’s character Sam Wilson takes over. Naturally, given the Marvel connections between Gosling’s directors, castmates and the MCU, Horowitz opened up on a number of questions regarding Gosling’s possible involvement in the franchise. First, the MTV News reporter touched the base with the popular rumor that Gosling could be cast as the MCU’s Nova, to which Gosling replied, “I don’t know anything about Nova.” However, it seems he has another character in mind; “I was waiting for Captain Canada to call,” Gosling told Horowitz.

Captain Canada is actually a comic book character said to be from a 1970’s Newfoundland comic book series, not Marvel Comics. However, Marvel Comics has a Captain Canada-esque superhero in the form of Guardian aka James MacDonald Hudson, leader of the all-Canadian hero team Alpha Flight. Such a character would be a good fit for Ryan Gosling since he’s Canadian, but his remark to Horowitz was definitely a joke and didn’t sound like a serious call to be cast. Given that GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT recently learned that Gosling has approached the Russo brothers for support for the MCU and one role he may be interested in is Ghost Rider and the character has yet to officially bow out in the MCU (Agents of Shield Robbie Reyes reportedly doesn’t count), Gosling could be the star Marvel needs for the character.

Aside from slamming away Nova rumors, pursuing the roles of Captain Canada and Ghost Rider, and playing a spy the gray man, Gosling has another role in the works, drawn from a historical piece of pop culture. Alongside Margot Robbie as the title character, Gosling has been cast as Ken in director Greta Gerwig Barbie Movie. The role is far from being a spy, a patriotic hero, or a hell-infused anti-hero with a flaming skull, but Gosling nonetheless looks the part in every set photo released. However after Barbieno doubt fans would love to see Ryan Gosling in the MCU.

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