Richard Dreyfuss shares baby photos

Actor Richard Dreyfuss (star of ‘Jaws’ and ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’) shared intimate photos from the birth of his son Ben that showed the shock and confusion parents experience when they discover their newborn has a birth defect Has.

On June 14, 1986, Dreyfuss and his wife Jeramie Rain gave birth to their second child, and soon after his delivery they realized something was wrong. “Their eyes are not the same,” Ben later wrote of his birth. “One is blue, the other gray. One hides under a partially opened eyelid; the other towers far beyond, like a potato exploding from an eggcup.”

It was the “most traumatic and emotional moment of my life,” Richard wrote on Twitter. “My wife Jeramie gave birth to our second amazing child. And as these pictures show, we slowly realized that there was a problem with our son.”

The actor’s photos are touching as they show parents experiencing the incredible beauty of childbirth while struggling to comprehend the unexpected.

“I held him down and promised him I’d do whatever I could [to] Save him. That I would love him no matter what,” said the “Mr. Holland’s opus,” wrote the star.

Ben was later diagnosed with Peters anomaly, a rare genetic condition that causes clouding of the cornea and abnormalities in the structure of the eye. In the first year of Ben’s life, he would have multiple eye surgeries and eventually lose all vision in his left eye.

He explained what life is like with one eye in a blog post shared by his father at the bottom of his tweet thread. It’s a raw open letter to himself, detailing how his struggles with being different have unfolded throughout his development.

It’s a revealing glimpse into the inner monologue of someone who knows they’re being stared at, but everyone’s too polite to address them.

“Eventually you get the idea that much more noticeable than the eye itself is the reaction to it,” he writes. “You couldn’t make eye contact with anyone for decades. With that realization, you decided to make piercing eye contact with everyone.”

Ben is a journalist who was responsible for audience development at Mother Jones for eight years. He has a popular substack blog called Good Faith, in which he discusses the intersection of politics and social media from a liberal’s unique perspective, with no trouble pointing out progressive excess.

Richard Dreyfuss’s photos of the birth of his son show that all the glory and applause in the world can be fleeting when we see something wrong with a child. But on a deeper level, they’re an intimate look at the faces of parents whose lives have been turned upside down in a moment they expected to be completely joyful.

It’s a sad moment for many parents and hopefully the photos will bring them comfort in the knowledge that love will soon overcome despair.

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