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If I’ve learned anything from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reunion, it’s to never be embarrassed to call an ex from a decade ago. lol i’m just kidding you To this day I still can’t believe that the two have found each other after 17 (!!!) years of separation. Call it fate, call it fate, call it what you will – it’s downright adorable and pulled straight from the pages of a rom-com script. If you want a breakdown of their ~love story~, here’s the very simplified version: They met in 2001, got engaged in 2002, split up in 2004, got back together in 2021, and got engaged again in 2022. And, um, people ? It gets better. Three months after Ben popped the question, they got married in Vegas … something J.Lo described perfectly as “twenty years of patience.” But seriously.

To celebrate the comeback of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples, take a look at these rare gems Bennifer has picked up over the years. We talk nachos, sweet carriage rides, and lots of awkward kisses.

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That Gigli There weren’t even any cameras running in this shot. They’re just so effortlessly cool.

That double pointer tells me everything I need to know about J.Lo. Aka, she’s a boss and I’d like to be her, thanks.

“Hey, cool with the photos, okay??” – Ben when he leaves the window wide open for paparazzi

Um, I think I just found the stars of Bridgeton Season 3. Seriously, someone calls Shonda Rhimes ASAP.

Jenny and Benny from the block walk down a real NYC block.

Nothing makes you feel single like being crammed into a tiny photo booth with Bennifer, I guess.

Wow, I can’t believe this actually worked.

J.Lo looks like a Disney princess here, while Ben is her somehow intense-looking prince.

Do you think the rider with the top hat remembers when he was Bennifer’s third wheel? There is one phrase I never thought I would say.

Like the true New Yorker that she is, Jen would rather battle her way through the sun than borrow one of Ben’s Boston hats. Honestly respect.

Wait, this picture is kind of adorable.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the open kissing section of this list! Behold, Ben’s favorite technique.

“Did you take that on camera? ME? Kiss J.Lo?” – Ben on every red carpet in 2003

This photo will always be a fan favorite. He peeks out of her hair like he’s a detective hiding in a bush.

A little side angle action.

Ooooh, Jennifer did it too!

It’s literally not fair for two people to be together This look good together

Ben realizes he just spent his five-year Dunkin’ Donuts budget on this Louis Vuitton bag.

A photo depiction of how the next decade unfolded for these two following their split in 2004.

May I introduce: Miss Jennifer Lopez eats nachos. I promised rare pictures and I delivered!!

You know what they say: Couples who hike together get engaged, then break up and get back together almost 20 years later.

It’s okay Jen, I can’t take my eyes off this soul patch either.

They’ve served us plenty of tea over the years, it’s only fair they get some.

Ben was a second away from yelling straight out, “PLEASE NOTE ME!!!!”

Ah, early ’00s fashion. The era of all-knit everything, pom-pom hats… and goggles out The Matrix?

Who makes Jen’s giant hooded neck pillow and where can I get one?

Bennifer leaves behind a blockbuster. Say that five times quickly.

Does Jen file her nails? At a baseball game?? True symbol status.

Today in “Man forced to go shopping and begins to regret all his life choices.”

Fast forward almost two decades, and our favorites are back together. J.Lo handled her breakup with A-Rod like any other person: she went sailing with her ex in Italy. casual.

Watch where you step! The only falling these two will do is for each other. 🙃

Not even the waves of Venice could cool the heat between them.

The only downside to getting to the Venice Film Festival by boat? Disembark from the boat.

Even you can’t believe this is happening all these years later.

come on ben You’ve had years to work on those wide-eyed. We fired for you! WE HAVE ALL APPLIED FOR YOU!!

Don’t worry about him – he’s just checking to make sure he’s actually dating J.Lo, and it’s no illusion.

When you’re sitting inches away from LeBron James and you can’t take your eyes off each other, you know it’s love.

It’s always so fun to see celebs doing normal things like replacing their glasses. #Relatable!

This photo conveys “it’s our world and you only live in it” vibe.

How do I apply to be Bennifer’s professional puddle watcher like this guy?

I want to know the backstory of this picture so bad. Are you crazy? Upset? Who is the random kid standing there? I have questions.

Bennifer wasn’t the only shocking comeback. Her huge furry hood has returned too!! (Seriously, it looks so comfy).

“Babe, the only view you need is me.” – J.Lo buying a house (probably)

Everyone has baggage, these two happen to have almost 20 years of it. 🤷‍♀️

If this picture doesn’t make you believe in love again, it won’t. He literally beams watching her on stage.

Jen made a movie called Marry me and Ben was like, “On it!”

He suggested two months after this photo was taken. 😭😭😭

You look so happy together. Long live Bernifer!!

The veil! Ben’s white tuxedo! It’s all too cute. In mid-July, the two said yes during a super-casual ceremony in Las Vegas. I’ll leave that to you: In her newsletter post “On the J.Lo” about the big day, she signed it and I quote: “Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck.” 😍

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