Prince George sweating in a suit is the only justification Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will ever need

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LONDON—Sunday was the hottest day of the year in Britain, with the BBC intermittently reporting that the temperature on Wimbledon’s Center Court had reached 95F and was forecast to reach as high as 104F.

But despite the ice-melting conditions, Prince William and Kate Middleton dressed their eldest son in a dark two-piece suit and tie for his first-ever visit to the legendary tennis championship in south-west London.

Although a reporter for the Sun overhearing Prince George telling his father it was “too hot”, the immaculately behaved young prince showed hardly a hint of boredom or restlessness during the entire four hours he was at court and on the show . For this, he and his parents undoubtedly deserve great credit.

But despite his amazingly mature behavior and the undoubtedly tireless efforts of his mother, who at the end of it all had to present the trophies to winner Novak Djokovic and runner-up Nick Kyrgios, many observers were left with the idea of ​​​​dressing George in a suit and tie A reminder of the absurd and Victorian demands the institution places on the Windsor children.

Transforming them into glorified, matched show ponies at their tenderest ages, for example, seems hardwired into the palace’s DNA.

The contrast with Harry and Meghan couldn’t be greater. Last week, for example, pictures of the couple emerged at a Fourth of July parade, where a stolen photo of Archie showed the toddler in light, baggy jeans, a long cotton shirt and a baseball cap to keep out the sun.

One can of course only imagine Harry and Meghan’s reaction to George, who appears to be posing as his father, when they tuned in to watch Wimbledon final Sunday. One assumes that her answer would lie roughly at the intersection of one of those Venn diagrams with three circular sentences, the circles titled 1: “FFS”, 2: “What’s wrong with these people?” and 3: “God be Thanks we got out.”

Harry and Meghan have made it clear since leaving the royal family that they were mostly motivated to protect their children. While many at the time assumed that this meant protecting them from intrusion by the press, it has always been an open secret that a significant part of the entire mechanism of kings relies on exploiting the adorable children.

Of course, there were some comments defending the Cambridges, even praising George for dressing George in a suit and tie whatever the weather, saying it was a useful way of signaling the future king that he was “at work” and ” on Duty” that it is indeed gentle preparation for the bizarre life into which he was born.

Avid students of Wimbledon etiquette will also know that a suit and tie is the mandatory dress code for the Royal Box, and Princess Diana would bring her children there dressed like this on hot days.

But another way to see an 8-year-old campaigning dressed like a politician is to recall what Harry said about his brother and father in his and Meghan’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“I was trapped, but I didn’t know I was trapped,” Harry said to Winfrey. “Caught in the system like the rest of my family. My father and my brother are trapped. You are not allowed to go. And I have great sympathy for that.”

Of course there are many who will say this is nonsense, that George was obviously delighted to be at Wimbledon where the winner left the trophy to him.

Winfrey quizzed Harry on the very subject as it applied to him after making his ‘caught’ comment, saying: ‘The world’s impression – maybe it’s a misconception – is that all those years before Meghan her Having lived life as a king, Prince Harry, beloved Prince Harry, and enjoying that life. We didn’t get the impression that you felt trapped in this life.”

Harry’s response is insightful when it comes to those saying George was clearly having a good time on Sunday: “Enjoying life because there were photos of me smiling while shaking hands and meeting people? I’m sure you’ve covered some of this. That is expected. No matter who you are in the family, no matter what’s going on in your private life, no matter what just happened, when the bikes start rolling and the car starts rolling, you have to get dressed, you have to get in there. You wipe away your tears, shake off everything on your mind, and you have to play your A-game.

One wonders if, 20 years from now, Prince George will be thinking back to that day in 2022 when he had to wear a suit to play tennis on a scorching hot day, and what he will make of it.

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