Pedro accused of using Chantel for green card

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno are officially in divorce proceedings, and now many The Family Chantel viewers believe he was using her all along.

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno’s divorce is getting more and more messy, and now many The family choir Fans are wondering if Pedro used his soon-to-be ex-wife from the start. When Chantel first met Pedro in the Dominican Republic and asked him to help her with her Spanish, what appeared to be a sweet romance quickly blossomed. However many Chantal family Fans were shocked at how quickly Pedro broke up from their marriage after gaining independence. This has led to fans accusing Pedro of using Chantel for a green card.

Pedro and Chantel used to have one of the sweetest relationships in the world 90 day fiance Franchise. Both Chantel and Pedro faced immense problems from their in-laws. However, they overcame their problems and stayed by each other’s sides. Chantel stepped forward to help Pedro meanwhile The family choir Season 3. Back then, Pedro had to deal with the knowledge that the women in his family all slept with married men and that his father didn’t want to raise him or his sister Nicole Jimeno. These revelations apparently caused Pedro to reconsider his marriage to Chantel. He went inside The family choir Season 4 with a newfound coldness and cruelty towards his wife.


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Reddit user Agt38 asked: “Do you all think Pedro really used Chantel for a green card?” Many users expressed that they thought The family choir Star Pedro acted suspiciously as his entire attitude towards Chantel changed once his life allowed him to work and become independent. Now that Pedro is no longer dependent on Chantel, he seems to have a very different attitude towards her. “I think he used them. The relationship was pro-green card from the start. Trapped Feelings. Went to DR and had the realization that he is no different than his own family. Completed its mission‘ Tolerphie added as they shared a popular theory among fans.

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno The Chantel family

Several viewers voiced that given the examples of relationships he has had in his family, Pedro was likely a user. “Look at his genetics!! Both parents are professional grifters. need i say more‘ wrote B***_level_999. Pedro’s sister Nicole and mother Lidia Jimeno are both very unpopular The family choir fans, since their main focus is on themselves. As such, many viewers conclude that Pedro is a lot more like his family and father than they originally realized. “Yes, it is clear as day now. He just had more strategy compared to the other guys at 90 day that were in for the green card‘ Bluemaji interjected.

In total, The family choir Viewers find Pedro a massive disappointment for the Extended 90 day fiance Franchise. Many viewers wanted him and Chantel to work out. While viewers can understand that Pedro might have wanted to end his relationship with Chantel, fans can’t understand why he had to treat her so cruelly at the end of their relationship instead of just breaking up. Also, there are now many signs that Pedro wanted to use Chantel from the start. That has led to many Chantal family Viewers pan Pedro as an impostor.

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