Paras Kalnawat opens up rumors about his falling out with Rupali Ganguly, his resignation, Jhalak…

Paras Kalnawat, who has been in the news for quite some time, entered an exclusive chat with India Forums and spoke his heart out on his shocking termination of Anupamaa. The actor also responded to rumors about his falling out with Anupamaa’s leading lady, Rupali Ganguly. Read on to find out all the details.

The news of your resignation was very unfortunate and left your fans heartbroken. What was your first reaction when you heard the news?

To be honest, I didn’t realize that something like this would happen. The reason is that I have a very good bond with the creators, cast and crew of the series. So when I suddenly heard something like this, something I wasn’t even aware of, it shook me. I see Rajan Sir as a father figure. After my father passed away, he (Rajan Shahi) encouraged me a lot and also liked me a lot. I don’t want to be very frank about this incident. ‘Cause when I do, it gets messy.

Like all of us, have you caught the news from social media?

There was a moment when I got a message from the production house that I was banned from the show. The next moment I opened Instagram, I saw an article stating that I was terminated and that I was being unprofessional. The same production team had previously told me that if I had informed them earlier about participating in Jhalak Dikhlajaa, they would not have allowed me at all as it was a competitive channel.

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You’ve talked about feeling left out on the sets of Anupamaa, what exactly made you feel?

There are different reasons. There was a moment when I crossed a number on Instagram. In fact, I was one of the first actors on the show to break the 1 million mark. Well, that didn’t sit well with some people and that’s when all the troubles started. I don’t think I can speak openly about it now. My scenes were also abruptly reduced. And I want to give you a note that this was not done directly by the creators of the show.

Your co-star Anagha Bhosale’s exit from the show was also very abrupt. In her exit note on Instagram, she also mentioned “politics” on the set. What exactly conspired?

You know how they say a bad apple spoils everything. Having the wrong person around spoils your environment. On my previous shows I’ve worked with people who are now family to me. I don’t want to give details, it can get chaotic.

You spoke of a “bad apple” and someone having a hard time on the sets. Are you implying Rupali Ganguly as we have also heard many rumors about your falling out with her?

No, not directly (smiles). I didn’t refer to them or anyone in particular. I wish to refrain from commenting on this and I wish to remain silent about it. Because the more that opens up, the more chaotic it becomes. I went through a phase at some point when I lost my father. I shot alone in Silvasa and my mother stayed alone here in Mumbai. I ended up crying a lot in front of my mom when I told her what I went through. This person said ugly things about me and my family. However, no action was taken against these individuals.

Do you think this controversy will affect your journey on Jhalak Dikhlaaja in any way?

No not at all. Because people will see what kind of performer and person I am and not judge me based on a third person’s opinion.

Paras, in the past there have been instances where your ex-girlfriend Uorfi Javed commented on you saying that you are very possessive towards her. However, they never retaliated or responded. Do you want to address it now?

There should be some kind of aggression in me to take revenge. I don’t have hard feelings for anyone. If I have a problem with someone, I would go up front and talk to that person instead of saying something bad about them. When I see people talking about me, I take it very calmly. I figure if that person finds happiness by saying all of this about me, I’d rather find happiness in their happiness. None of this affects me at all.

On the work front, Paras is set to star on Colors TV’s Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa show soon and was very excited about it.

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