Oscar producer Will Packer shares the thoughtful message Idris Elba sent him after Will Smith was slapped in the face

Many were definitely surprised when Will Smith beat Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars a few months ago. Aside from Rock himself, one person who was arguably most surprised by the incident was Will Packer, who produced this year’s awards show. However, the Hollywood vet hasn’t shied away from speaking out about the incident and what was going on off-camera when it happened. More recently, Packer shared the thoughtful message Idris Elba sent him after the slap.

Will Packer and Idris Elba have been collaborating for some time and have appeared in notable films like 2007’s This Christmas and 2010s customer. The two have now teamed up again for the survival thriller from Universal Pictures animal and are doing the press. The friends/colleagues stopped by The Breakfast Club during the tour where Packer was asked if he would consider producing the Academy Awards again. The producer shot the idea down quickly considering the amount of work that went into making it happen. Though things weren’t going quite as Packer and his team expected, he seemed to take solace in the encouraging message Elba sent him:

And I like to pour it all in, you know what I mean. idris [Elba] is one of the first to text me after it all, you know, went down. And he just said something like ‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Stay up, King.” That’s my type. He does.

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